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    anyone know anything about a B18d ?

    my 2001 accord 's' has a B18D boat anchor up front, its torquey and goes well but i can find virtually no information on the net about it, K&N dont even make a CAI for it ! LOL anyone ?
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    Most helpfull UK Honda tuning specialist?

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a decent Tuning shop that deals with Honda's, the reason i ask is that mine (2001 Accord S) has a rather odd engine and there are virtually no tuning parts listed for it so i need to offer up or measure parts before buying :mad: The engine layout is...
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    Vinyl Wraps ?

    Anyone on here brave enough to follow the Germans (they seem to be doing lots of them at the moment, especially the Audi/dub guys). Anyone in the UK going to try it ?? its basically a whole printed vinyl wrap (a massive sticker) aver the whole car... some look spectacular, some look arse. ...
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    Toyota corolla AE92 GTi with 4age

    was once a stunning AE92 with exceptional performance, been sat on my driveway for 4yrs unused and has fallen fowl of the rotworm in the usual places - Tailgate is trash, sunroof too, rear arches are blown paint faded really bad. Good points... Interior is in great shape 17" Tsw's with new...
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    my intro

    Hi all, new here just spent out on a few goodies for my Honda Accord, dont get all excited its just a daily, infact its parked most days as i use public transport to get to and from work:confused:, i have a 'toy' car for shows and sun, a Buick Regal that i made into a Lowrider (4 pump, 6 batt...