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    range rover parts

    Hi to all, it has been a long time since I have visited your site :embarrest: to my detriment. Since my last visit a lot has changed in the ownership stakes. Gone is the Venturi (back to France) 4Lt range rover scrapped. BUT I do have a few parts left. 4x22" P38 land rover alloys complete...
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    Venturi for sale

    SOLD It is a long while since i have visited the forum and as usual plenty of banter about this and that :p. But here is an interesting one ! i have a 1988 Venturi 200 coupe which i am selling :( The reason being i very rarly use it anymore. Parked in a heated garage when not in use ( 5 months...
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    2 x E34 for sale

    I have 2 E34 bmw`s for sale. 1 off H reg 525 24v 5 spd manual. Approx 117k mls. new tyres/front seat covers (need fitting) It must be worth at least scrap value + tyres mot 20/4/2011.Run or break - you could save a furtune in parts:bigsmile: make me an offer. 1 off F reg 535 auto. Aprrox...
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    535i H reg

    has anyone fitted a supercharger/turbo to a 24v pre vanos petrol engine?:) any infi would be of help !!! regards to all
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    new member

    Hi to all :bigsmile: in the future(soon) i am looking at tuning a 525i engine to put in a kit car! so expect some dumb questions:o