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    Hello and a very warm, welcome to TorqueCars from me the admin, sorry for my slow reply! Nice to have you along, I hope you're enjoying the site. Keep reading the articles on our site and this forum... you'll pick up loads of good common sense tips and don't be afraid to post questions, were...
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    What questions should you ask when buying a car?

    Agreed I usually get an AA or RAC inspection carried out, at the very least you get a list of things to negotiate down the price.
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    GM scraps the Holden brand in Australia

    Another sad day for motoring, the Holden brand is being scrapped, as GM sell off the assets from Australia. I guess you can still buy Holden models but they will likely be under a different badge and probably imported rather than locally made. What do our Australian members make of this? Are...
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    Are diesels really as clean as they say

    Actually the new Euro 6 diesels are extremely clean burning, but they will probably cost a small fortune in replacement filters and catalysts. The diesel has come a long way and still remains one of the most efficient ways to burn fuel in a combustion engine. I'm sure we will still see some...
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    What questions should you ask when buying a car?

    Is this your car, how long have you owned it. Why did you buy it What are the weakspots I need to look out for. If people are open honest and well informed on the car it's good, if they are vague cagey or don't know much about the engine or car then they probably haven't looked after it.
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    How do you get flames to shoot out of your exhaust

    Firstly you want the flame to drive the piston in the combustion chamber and don't really want all that energy to shoot out down the exhaust. In highly tuned motorsports applications they can use an anti lag system to keep the turbo spinning, or they might be running such tight tolerances that...
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    What is a mild hybrid

    The mild hybrid is still a hybrid car that uses battery power and electric motors to improve range and power. A mild hybrid usually doesn't have a plug in option, and relies on the cars regenerative braking systems to recoup lost energy for later release as power. The battery is smaller so it...
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    What does GTI stand for

    There is not actually a firm consensus and it can depend on your region where the term appears. Gran Turismo Injected Grand Touring Injected Grand Touring International The idea is of a practical sized car that is build for lots of long fun journeys a tourer, that is grand or of a high...
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    Volvo S40 2.0d tuning project

    What great service. That's the sort of people you want to deal with isn't it. Keep us updated.
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    Valentines day gifts

    Nope - very happily married! I buy her Flours quite often! Self raising, plain and granary! (She bakes a lot and prefers flour to flowers!)
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    High storm force wind, flash Sale.

    We have a few new additions to our garden already!
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    At Last!. I have started on my car ;-) PART 2

    I'm so jealous of your work area! So much space, so many cool toys!
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    Any police, solicitors or traders here, help needed

    Did you get any further with this buddy?
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    Are the days of the V8 numbered

    A bike with a V8- wow! It will certainly be interesting to see where engine technology goes. Especially as the sale of new combustion engines are being outlawed in the UK by 2032!
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    Racing off at the lights

    I don't race, but I do like to get away swiftly and certainly much faster than the other car. Most people are practically sleeping at lights so it's not even a challenge. I did see a car wheelspin and shoot away at lights, but there was a police car just 3 cars back that he hadn't spotted and...
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    Are sodium filled exhaust valves the way to go?

    The expansion is not that significant, converting a metal to a liquid does take out a lot of heat anyway, and it transfers heat away more quickly. The added pressure from it being hot will act like a pressure cooker and allow it to reach much higher temperatures (although it's unlikely you'll...
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    z18xe tuning

    LOL you beat me to it Xav! Was going to do this myself today. Have you been peeking at my to do list? If so why don't you knock out all those Hyundai engine tuning articles we need?
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    Car prices are likely to shoot up

    With Brexit passed, I am expecting the cost of importing cars and parts to go up. At the very least there is more paperwork involved, so this cost will be passed on, plus it may get harder to import and export goods, which could drive up prices. Do you think there will be much of an effect on...
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    Should police give out PLUS points for good driving

    We see that most people and police are geared up to punish bad drivers. Speeders, tail gaiters, lane hoggers, mobile phone users etc. and rightly so, these are potentially safety issues. But what if it was the other way around, you got credit or plus points for good driving, being courteous...
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    Are the days of the V8 numbered

    With many car manufacturers dropping v8's and other large V6 engines we should ask do these engines have a place in the modern motoring world? When you can get the same power from a turbocharged 2.0 litre engine and as it's lighter it will out perform a V8, and gives much better fuel economy...