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  1. aston

    Any police, solicitors or traders here, help needed

    Hi all, looking for answers, a nice car has been abandoned in my village, on private property, I'd like to buy it so after some research, I found out a chap moved into a rented house, paid no bills, no rent, nothing to the landlady, eventually he left though hasn't been officially evicted yet...
  2. aston

    Best used dab/aux stereo

    Dab, CD mainly
  3. aston

    Best used dab/aux stereo

    I'm looking for a cheap used stereo for my runaround, hard to find info on the web except it seems pioneer seem to be number one, any particular models better than others? Thanks
  4. aston

    Real world every day coupe

    I want a grand tourer which I can use daily as well as long trips, so on the lowest of budgets I'm interested in the 406 coupe (2.2 derv) and the volvo c70 coupe (2.4t) Any thoughts on these two or any other suggestions? Thanks all
  5. aston

    Least manly Car.

    Jeep wrangler
  6. aston

    A thought and question

    Just a thought, diesel is approximately £1.38 a litre, domestic heating oil around 60p per litr (more or less the same thing), hence a lot of duty on the vehicle fuel, in the future when we're using a lot more electric cars the govt are going to have to replace lost income so my question...
  7. aston

    2008 BMW e61 touring 520d 165k ...........would you?

    Unfortunately my E39 touring has died, sadly I have to replace and am considering an e61 facelift, I'd prefer a petrol but hard to find, reading the internet there's something negative stuff about this particular engine, however I find people more often than not only spread negative trouble and...
  8. aston

    Smoking diesel

    I've a VW T4 2.5tdi, I bought it in May, drove it home, parked it and left it, now when I start it there seems to be a lot of smoke (white/grey), I left the van running until warm but the smoke won't dissapear, unfortunately I don't have tax or inssurani so can't give it a proper Italian tune...
  9. aston

    Don't waste your money

    Interesting reading regarding fuel system additives, just use paraffin and lighter fuel
  10. aston

    Hi, is anyone near Truro who could check a car over? Thanks

    Hi all, is there anyone here her her t who could check over an Alfa diesel for me? Thanks as always
  11. aston

    Bmw e39; easiest the most comfortable car ive been in

    Bmw e39 diesel SE spec, appointment comfortable, what's the most comfortable car you know of, the seats are just so comfortable, perfect sound and you can drive at any speed but it always feels smooth and steady
  12. aston

    Black or cream leather?

    Looking at x type Estates, one cream leather with piano black dash the other black leather with a kind of glossy graphite dash, which would you prefer and why?
  13. aston

    Diesel low mileage 05 x type 2.0 or high mileage mazda 6 2.2

    Hi, I need a diesel estate, I've found a jag x type 2.0 2006 88900 on the clock (I'm a huge mondeo fan) and a Mazda 6 2.2 2011 New Turbo etc on the Mazda, £1850 for the Mazda and ,£2450 for the jag, both very clean, which sounds better?
  14. aston

    help, how much was a fully loaded vito dualiner auto in 2005

    Hi all i need to know in a hurry the approx price of a Mvito 115 dualiner in 2005, auto , aircon, front and rear parking sensors, captains chair, absolutely every extra, Thank you
  15. aston

    Vehicle tracker

    Hi all, I'm about to buy a desirable classic motorhome and I wish to install a GPS tracker, I couldn't believe how cheap they are after searching eBay, are there any particular specs I should look for, any particular makes etc, any advice helpful, thank you
  16. aston

    General van chat which used van

    Minimum transit sized, larger is better though
  17. aston

    General van chat which used van

    considering everything such as reliability, longevity, economy, comfort and space, which is the best van to buy used for under £2000, I do like the Ducato for its width and the old t1 shape merc's as they look great to me, but on a serious note (the wallet) which is the best to look at, thank you
  18. aston

    Best sounding engine

    Honda S2000 on full chat
  19. aston

    Have you ever broken down

    you should rephrase the title to, "have you ever owned a VW aircooled"
  20. aston

    Have you ever bought a lemon car?

    Not too long ago, I bought a newish Audi 3.0tdi A6, absolute nightmare, I lost several thousand pounds when i sold it a few months later and was actually glad.