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    Good fault code reader?

    Is there any good fault code reader that works too? I have Renault Laguna 2 (2006). I want to read and remove fault codes.
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    R5 GTT or R11 Turbo DP

    Please send sensible offers. I am looking for especially bigger DP that can be used with T25 turbo.
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    Greetings from Finland!

    Hi all... I decided to join to here...there seems to be good information available :amuse: . Maybe I will post picts from my project car to here too (at tomorrow I will go to finish new paint) and from car that I am using.
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    Renault Laguna 2 GT, 2.0T questions

    Maybe someone here can help me further with my investigations and coming project. I am looking for minor adjustments to be done. I am going to change IC+piping, exhaust system, reprogramming...(something else???) I have place where I will get new software. Where I will get rest of those parts...