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  1. andy206

    Happy new Year

    happy new year to all of you, lets get out there as much as possible in the motors and if your starting or already into a project then good luck
  2. andy206

    Remap Options for V6 TDI 272 - Help Please!

    Midland remaps are very good . My brother has had 2 different cars mapped by them in the past so I would seriously consider them. They will only map within the capability of the engine/gearbox/clutch I'm sure.
  3. andy206

    Remap Options for V6 TDI 272 - Help Please!

    depends what you want really, the top one is going to be the quicker car no doubt about it, bottom one makes more sense if you want save a tad on fuel etc. who are the maps from btw?
  4. andy206

    Everything you need to know about brakes

    always think this is an area people neglect to a degree, when we got our st180 it was a very good car out the box but the one area i sai wanted sorting asap was the brakes just didnt have the right bite/feel to them. went with an uprated set of discs, braided brake lines and then the best mod a...
  5. andy206

    TCJB's next track day

    hope all goes well mate, when we fitted the whiteline rear arb to our fiesta st180 it absolutely transformed the car
  6. andy206

    TCJB's 2019 Leyburn Historic Sprints

    good brakes make such a big difference on things like this, in fact my 2 favourite mods on the st fiesta are the brakes and rear arb.
  7. andy206

    Lowering pitfalls

    and another thing that most people never seem to do when lowering the car is to have the geometry set up properly, that reminds me i need book in for my car actually
  8. andy206

    TCJB's 2019 Leyburn Historic Sprints

    brilliant mate, well done on the 2nd place. is the engine totally standard or have you done a few mods, iv been in a couple of modified type r's one on throttle bodies etc and the other supercharged was impressed by both
  9. andy206


    he will already be on the k04 mate with it being the bam engined tt 225
  10. andy206


    full exhaust system including decat downpipe (ideally 3") front mount intercooler (look into something commonly known as the wellycooler set up) uprated turbo intake pipe honda s2000 induction kit (get from any eurocarparts for cheap) trust me they work well. then of course a remap you should...
  11. andy206

    General driving standard in your area

    absolutely shocking around my way, in fact iv never known it be so bad
  12. andy206

    Do you remember your first mod

    no im bloody murder mate, drive myself mad at times haha
  13. andy206

    Do you remember your first mod

    it was actually 3 things at the same time on my old nova sr, 60mm lowering springs, pipercross air filter and full exhaust system inc 4 branch manifold
  14. andy206

    Your weekend plans

    im off to finish a job off on saturday morning, then have my best mate around for the football, few drinks and a curry. sunday im hoping to start back the gym, got to quote another job, then get out and replace the steering wheel and gearknob on the rs turbo and remove the grab handles etc off...
  15. andy206

    Cornering, going fast or accelerating

    as above the mixture of all 3 is where the sweet spot is
  16. andy206

    Favourite Hot Hatch?

    such a great little car mate, i was planning at dropping an x16xe in there on thottle bodies etc etc which would of been brilliant and kept the revvy nature without adding the big weight of the c20xe etc. I really like the little abarths the wife is always on about having one in a year or 2. I...
  17. andy206

    Favourite Hot Hatch?

    im lucky to own one of my favourites which also is your no1 choice :) but if i had to pick my personal favourite it would be my old 230+bhp renault 5 gt turbo absolutely loved that car. then my old nostalgic head will always sway to my 1st car which was a 1989 vauxhall nova sr that was running...
  18. andy206

    Rare cars on our streets

    always great to see the older rare stuff out and about, im lucky that i own an old classic and i have just been onto how many left as i thought there was about 500 or so on the roads and about the same sorn but no i was nowhere near and they are far rarer than i thought.
  19. andy206

    What's the next job on your car going to be

    On the ST180 it will be to fit the vudu ported exhaust manifold, and then the throttle body and inlet manifold spacers. On the RS Turbo im actually going out and going to fit the replacement steering wheel i recently got at a bargain price in todays 'RS Tax' enviroment, also have a new gear...
  20. andy206

    Good info on turbo exhaust sizes

    very good and how iv always understood it from many years back from a couple of local tuning places. if you havent already check out engine masters on youtube, its all v8 based but some brilliant tuning stuff on there