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    G'day Lads.

    Gday lads, Pretty new to this forum but plan to share alot of content on the project cars that i work on, extreme modifications etc etc. Currently have a Daihatsu Applause Resto going but plans are to turn her into a JDM Ratrod. Other plans in the making is helping my wifes cars performance...
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    Applause Plug gapping

    Hi all, Im fairly new to the 4cyl world and I'm currently doing a restore on a 1995 Daihatsu Applause 1.6L 16v EFI Manual. Just curious about plug gapping. Typically on my other cars i run 0.6 to 0.8. But when i pulled the plugs out of this lil monster it had 1.1s but they where gapped at 1.6 :O...