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  1. wolfmankurd

    Timing belt change on a Renault Clio Mk III 1.2 (D4F-722)

    Has anyone done one of these? I've ordered the kit with the water pump and should be having a crack by the end of the month (need the car for a while). I'm a bit concerned about getting clearance around the engine to do the work but otherwise seems straight forwards with Haynes manual in hand...
  2. wolfmankurd

    What constitutes a "good" drive

    There's a bunch of reasons city driving tends to be bad for cars and motorway miles seem to be milder, even helpful. But what counts as a good drive, protect the DPF, dry the oil and get the engine up to a good working temperature? Is it enough for your oil temp to reach about 50% of the...
  3. wolfmankurd

    Offside rear coil gone

    What do you guys think, replace in pair or as they snap? My offside rear coil has snapped and I'm going to repair it on it's own. Do you guys think it'll be a bad idea? I don't intend to hold on to the car for very long so my plan was just do this side and see how it goes (no discount for...
  4. wolfmankurd

    Oil stain/protect wood?

    I heard someone mention that they'd used to use old engine oil to stain and protect their shed. I don't know about going anywhere near used engine oil because of all the nastiness, but has anyone used engine oil on wood? My shed is looking a bit worse for wear and I have plenty of unused engine...
  5. wolfmankurd

    Changing the spark plugs on a Renault Clio Campus D4F-722

    Just about to change out the old sparkies on my car, since I'm getting a p0302 error (Cyclinder 2 misfire) also also I'm getting "Low air flow error" occasionally. Any advice before I go in? None of my spark plug sockets fit down the recess so I'm headed to halfords to see if I can get a thin...
  6. wolfmankurd

    Pug 106 wont idle when cold

    Hey guys, Just been having a bit of trouble with my 106, this morning it started fine but stalled once to twice and felt a bit rough. Stopped off for some petrol and from then on it just wouldn't idle, the second my foot was off the gas the rpm's plummeted and the car stalled! I managed to keep...
  7. wolfmankurd

    DIY breathalyser

    Thought you guys might like this :) Here it is in action A video of an older version If you want to see what it looks like. I'm always surprised just how much alcohol is on my breath the morning after... just a warning...
  8. wolfmankurd

    Tax refund after SORN?

    I just declared my car sorn since it wont be insured any time soon. I did it online so I could get it out of the way soon but it is actually taxed for quiet a while, can I get a refund now? Or did I need to do the sorn on the refund form? I assumed I just sent the refund application but there...
  9. wolfmankurd

    Just bought a car

    Well actually my brother did! didn't go exactly as expected but we got a couple of hundred quid off hagglings fun :) but no sooner did we get it home that the check engine light turned on and we found out the cd player doesn't work(we didn't have a cd to test!) I was just wondering what...
  10. wolfmankurd

    Pugeot 106 clutch cable replacement

    My original blog post which has images. I finally finished replacing the clutch cable on my brothers pug106, it's not technically difficult just incredibly fiddly but still best done as a two man job to keep up morale as it took us 4 days. The worst thing is the Haynes manual only considers it...
  11. wolfmankurd

    Cold weather tips?

    Any tips for a newbie driver on snow covered/icy roads? Yesterday, I slid and as fun as it was I was inches from some paint swapping. What I've seen so far: Use the clutch when starting (I thought you had to do this anyway). Use higher gears. Don't brake or steer sharply
  12. wolfmankurd

    Driving test tomorrow!

    So my last lesson before my test tomorrow is in a few hours. Any advice for the test? :D
  13. wolfmankurd

    Broken mid-pipe?

    Hi guys had a bit of a rattle today when I went to check it out it looks like the pipe running under the car has broken off the back box? muffler? expansion chamber? section. Not sure what any of it's called so here's a diagram. I'll take a picture if the description it vague. Essentially I...
  14. wolfmankurd

    No power to radio when off

    When we got the car (1.1 zest 106) the radio was locked out and we didn't have the code so we bought a new (better) one. But it wont hold the settings (saved station etc) while the car is off. So I guess it's not getting any power. Any ideas what could be wrong? I've thought about getting one...
  15. wolfmankurd

    G-meter =]

    I wasn't sure if this was the right section for this but while watching jonathan creek on iplayer I thought I'd make a g-meter I had all the stuff here it is: It uses a 3.3v arduino mini pro with Atmega386 so loads of room for adding more functions. And a MM7260 (only the x-axis output though...
  16. wolfmankurd

    Gear changing shortcuts

    I've noticed changing out of gear doesn't need the clutch (there is no crunching sound) is this okay or is it doing silent damage? Also, in the higher gears I can get by with only a dab of the clutch if I time it properly or none at all. This has got to be bad should I stop this? Don't want to...
  17. wolfmankurd

    Cars on HAD

    Hackaday seems to have had a run of car hacks, This one looks really interesting and the arudino means you could take it quiet far
  18. wolfmankurd

    pug 106 engine oil change

    I'm trying to change the oil on my brothers Peugeot 106 Zest 1.1, figured it'd be best to learn on that than break something else :D Anyways, I think I'm pretty set for most of the change but I can't get the damned oil filter housing off. It's a bell shaped thing with hexagonal nut on top, I...