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    Need some help as wiring up some projector headlights

    Hey can anybody here please help, I'm looking at fitting a set of projector lens highlights to a VW T5 but I'm a little stuck, The Original fitting for the vw t5 is a H4 bulb so 3 wires 1) earth 2) pos low beam 3) pos high beam the projector light which I'm thinking of fitting is as follows 2...
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    Are there any MOT inspectors on here???

    Hey im after some help on headlight rules in the uk
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    What projector lenses can you buy?

    Hey I guessing most of you are gonna think this is a stuipd question to ask but can you buy small projector lenses? I know 1.8", 2.5" and 3" and available but is it possible to buy smaller than 1.8" and can you get them with just a low beam setting?
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    Is it possible to remove the lens on a headlight?

    Hey just asking but is it possible to remove the lens on a headlight without destroying them ???
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    Can you strip the chrome plate off a badge???

    Hey im after some help i had a couple of plastic bonnet badges which id like to remove the chrome plating from, is it possible to remove the chrome myself or does anyone know a company which can remove the chrome plating for me????
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    Has anyone used fabric and vinyl spray paint dye

    Hey just asking if any one here has used or tried fabric and vinyl spray dye, either to dye there carpets, roof lining or vinyl trim if so what did you use and did it ruin the fabric or not
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    Im after an induction filter for my vw t5

    Hey can anyone help im having a bit of fun and wanna fit a induction kit to my vw t5 2.5tdi I Iike the BMC and pipercross viper style kits but cant seem to find one for my van Can anyone help or recommend a good filter
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    Recommendations on which dashboard paint is best

    Hey just got myself vw t5 van and i wanna clean up the interior and try and make it look better, emphasize on the word try lol One of the things im thinking of doing is painting the dashboard and door cards, but as ive never done this before can anyone recommend a make of spray to use???
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    Help which is best 2010 Ford Transit or Mercedes Vito van

    Hey I'm not sure if this is the right category to put this post but here it goes. As the thread states I'm looking at buying either a Ford Transit minibus or a Mercedes Vito minibus for a work vehicle, id prefer a minibus over a panel van as it would suit my needs better, so I'm after advise or...
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    Please help me Audi A5 or BMW 5 series

    Im after some help iv decided it's time to change car and get something a bit bigger, I currently have a BMW e90 330d which is a fantastic car, but iv been looking at a few different cars and got my list down to 2 cars, the Audi A5 3l tdi quattro or the BMW E60 530D. I have tested both cars a...
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    Has anyone used motorcycle carbs on a Rover V8 engine

    Hey I'm asking this as iv seen it on an old custom car on Google, the engine is a Rover V8 3.5 auto but instead stead of twin su or a holley carb it is fitted with two banks of 4 carbs off a Honda cb750, which looks fantastic but what are the pros and cons of this and would it work ok on a...
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    Radiator sizes and what's the smallest I can use on a Rover v8

    Hey this is most probably gonna be a really dumb question but is there a formula to work out the size of a radiator needed say for a Rover 3.5 V8 as I'm after the smallest possible I can get very narrow and tall for me is gonna be better than a low and wide rad????
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    How much can you safely narrow a jag Xj6 axle

    Hey I know this might sound like a stuiped question but iv tried having a good look for an answer but no luck so far, so here it is How much can a jag Xj6 rear axle be narrowed by as in each side or total width, Im axle is apx 65" wide Inc wheels, and the half shafts are 17" each, I was...
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    Does any know which mechanical speedometer have a 2:1 ratio?

    Hi a strange question most probably but as the thread title says, im trying to find out if anyone knows if there are any car speedometers that a ratio of 2:1?
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    A pair of steel 15" or 16" rims, 4.75" pcd

    Hi im after a pair of old style steel rims either 15" or 16" preferably 5" or wider and also the type that I can fit half moon hub caps...
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    can anybody recommend me a paint for my engine block

    Hi im looking at painting my engine block satin black but there are so many different sprays on offer I'm not to sure which to go for or is the stuff basically all the same just different prices?
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    Rover SD1 automatic gearbox question

    Hi iv got a Rover SD1 v8 with a automatic gearbox both had been sitting in a barn for years, the V8 was very stiff but it's had a good clean and oil put down the spark plug holes and now turns by hand very smoothly, but my question is about the automatic gearbox, as it's been sitting doing...
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    where can I buy 245/50/14 tyres in the UK

    Hey basically as the thread states can anyone tell me where I can find and buy 245/50/14 tyres
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    What's the best way to adjust the pcd on a steel rim

    Hey brought some steel rims on ebay and the pcd was incorrect as I needed 5 x 4.75 and got 5 x 5 so instead of sending them back what would be the best option redrilling them to the correct pattern or could I lengthen the lugs so that they are oval shaped? I hope this makes sense lol
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    where do you find the ratio on a jaguar xj6 axle?

    Hey can anyone help iv got a jaguar xj6 rear axle and I need to find the axles gear ratio I think it's 3.2 but I want to double check the figure?