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    Best nissan ever made

    My Almera just that one mine
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    Mastif Pups 12 weeks good as gold.

    Is anyone interested in Mastif Pups 12 weeks good as gold FOR SALE
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    Styling Abroad

    I wanna Black all my Back windows would i get away with it if my cars black.
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    No the units are smaller on the tacho but it seems to have adjusted itself and tops out at about 5700. gona follow someone to see how far out the speedo is if any.
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    Forced induction kit for 93ss Aero

    these ram air scoops will they improve performance on a non turbo. Being forced air induction whilst in motion.
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    Exhausts single double or quad

    Subtle not loud too much attention for me little twin on one side maybe.
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    How many doors for you

    2/3 door as said awkward with passengers but makes no odds to me my car gets treated like a van i was looking around the other day and found an almera 3 door van conversion, namely "the one and only almera van" well thats the path I'm going down with my 5 door. Make way for "the one and only...
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    Hello my fello modders! can you help with my 106 s1?

    Hiya welcome to the site mate try araldite for your arches might never come off tho then seal it and smooth with white decorators caulk. then yea Work in Progress go for a re spray when you can afford basic colours shouldnt cost that much to get done of you shop around a bit, wouldnt really know...
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    How does insurance work?

    took me a few secs to work that out pg. just to say when you phone the insurer direct they dont have your records if you make yourself a day younger on the comparison website am i right in saying this pg.
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    This afternoon i changed my dash clocks to white dials, but there out of a gti, the speedo has 140 mph and the tacho goes to 8000 rpm as opposed to 120 mph and 6000 rpm. the tacho is bob on idles at 650ish but the speedo seems to go up slow and the car seems to bee moving quick at 30mph. i know...
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    Tinting ?

    is limo tint Black Black.
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    Tinting ?

    Does any one know Window tinting laws in the UK?
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    Cleaning inside and out

    Normally Clean mine most Saturdays as it gets pretty dirty in the week, Inside and out immaculate gleaming dash windows the lot. Low and behold every saturday night she has a few too many and ends up hanging her head HALF out of the door while I've got hold of the scruff of her neck. Am i...
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    Hiya and welcome, I'm also a newbie and come to the site also with the intention of installing a turbo, big job. Cracking bunch of people you'll get your answers here mate. Friend of mine is in the process of swapping his 1.6 focus and dropping a V6 in it. bit extreme but would most certainly...
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    How does insurance work?

    5 years iv been driving fleeced me after a ban £1600 on a 2.0 non turbo diesel almera was my final choice, would'nt even entertain the small engined corsa's at £1700 - £2000 and i advise not to use comparison websites find the cheap quote on there then miss the middle man out and go direct to...
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    Do you know of this being done. Is it a simple swap.
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    UK petrol prices set to hit £1.20 per litre

    Of course there robbing us blind thats Oppression for you sorry if i offend anyone but my opinion on politics does not involve much acceptance or dependance. come on car tax, pay enough already don,t we without it being wacked on the fuel prices. My car does 3000 a year if that anymore with my...
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    SUPER / TURBO ? charger hmmmmm thinking of going down the Super Path any advice on an appropriate model and make Could always make a fitting or something (bodge it sort of thing) if there was a unit off another vehicle other than a nissan would suit. you guys are so friendly by the way never...
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    Thanks Waynne, ive just been looking around and found my engine its a CD20 diesel, which was put in almera without a turbo and the same engine in the Primera with a turbo. So hoping it might still be a cheaper possibility.
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    Thanx guys lets get some boost in it first and then think about some tunes at a later date. Just got down to respray my bumpers today to make a start.