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  1. prevtec

    honda euro r cl1

    right lads,im on the verge of buying a euro r before i go any further, theese are a totally different car to the accord type r (ukdm) so my problem is that im worried about parts, suspension parts in general ive googled till my eyes were googled, and cant find anything do anybody here have 1...
  2. prevtec

    ignition leads

    can somebody tell me what this really means i bought performance leads, their 10.2mm i know thats probably the thickness, but how does that benifit the car?
  3. prevtec


    does anybody know how to wire spotlights to a honda prelude? i have the spots, 2 wires, 1 is black, the other is white. i know the black is earth and the white is power. also inside my car, centre console, i have a switch with 3 conections on it, so people, tell me more, thanks, prevtec
  4. prevtec

    looking for info on mods

    does anyone know where i can get a clear distributor cap for my honda prelude? thanks in advance
  5. prevtec

    Im back

    hello everybody, prevtec here i havent been on in awhile because my computer packed up in oct 09 got a new laptop from santa so im back hows everybody keeping? hello to all new members, and those i know i still have the prelude (of course) and recently picked up an eg hatchback civic, 1.5 dual...
  6. prevtec

    EG with type r engine

    recently, my mate and i, done an engine swap as the title says, its an integra type r engine in an eg civic lsi hatchback so far, its up and running, just wiring left to do the mechanical side of things are are easy, engine bolts straight in, (no special mounts required) drives...
  7. prevtec

    is there a differance with these ???

    my prelude is jdm there for its speed, tripometer, and odemeter is in km my speed and revs are working fine, but the odemeter and tripometer have stoped working, anyway, ive located a prelude thats umdm which its clocks are in mph, not kph the unit will fit, but will there be a...
  8. prevtec

    stainless steel headers and its gains on a vtec

    ive picked up a stainless steel 4 branch manifold, front pipe, and another straight pipe that leads into the cat for 50 euros, its a janspeed system ive put it on my car and have noticed huge power gains low end torque has increased, and my rev limiter has an extra 2 revs but this is the...
  9. prevtec


    as some of you are aware, i crashed the prelude, but im in the prosses of fixing it anyway, out in the scrapyard getting the pieces i need, i noticed theres a janspeed 4 branch manifold, perfect condition on the car, i probably could get it for 50 euro, what do you think?? are 4 branch stainless...
  10. prevtec

    is it worth fixing

    had a carash an hour ago came round the bend doing 100 kph (proper speed limit for the rd) there was a huge puddle on the right hand side lane, i couldnt slow down as it was just there, swapping lanes wasnt an option either as there was a car next to my left, anyway the car spun and hit the...
  11. prevtec

    91 shape civic sir

    yesterday i drove a 91 shape civic sir, (box shape) they are incredably quick, probably due to the no weight of the car i always liked these cars, they just look the buissness the downfalls to this car are only 2 things a lot of wear on the gearbox no power steering your man yesterday...
  12. prevtec

    vtec and cams, my expieriance

    today i went looking at sir civics with the brother and 1 paticular car got my attention it was a civic coupe with a gsr stage 2 dohc vtec 1.8 from an integra type r, with ajustable cam gears, (??????????? never heard of this before) anyway basically what the stage 2 is, is that you have a...
  13. prevtec

    whats this noise anybody

    the gf accord has a noise lately and it goes like tyhis when your driving straight its grand, but when you turn left or right, its like you have a flat tyre, or the tyre is really been pushed into the rd its only on the passenger side front i checked was the wheels tight, they are any...
  14. prevtec

    prelude owners

    when i joined torque cars, there was only 1 other member who owned a prelude, now theres more and more prelude owners joining this is good for a no. of reasons 1, not that they give much trouble, but its handy to have a no, of people with preludes as help and questions can be answered 2...
  15. prevtec

    how do you clean these alloys

    i can buy a set of origanal 15" honda alloys for 100 euros these will fit my prelude, their the wonky ninja star alloys of a integra, they are shiny chrome but 2 of them have like corrosion spots on them, (not bad 1 or 2 patches) i saw wheeler dealers before and edd china used stuff on the...
  16. prevtec


    can anybody explain how tracking should be properly done?? and dont answer me with ( a laser system) im talking about no. you see, my brother tracked my car on tuesday last but the car feels ropey, why is this?? the car does drive and brake in a straight line when i got the bushing kit...
  17. prevtec

    short shifters

    hi mates, ive heard about these before, but didnt take any notice til recently my buddy got 1 for his civic leathel yokes, who here has 1 on their car?? do you find them a help?? and are they easy to live with?? oh and who knows a site where i can get me 1 for the prelude? ive searched...
  18. prevtec

    some info please

    hi mates, i live on a rd with honda heads and recently 2 of them have installed an led light thats small and fits into the rev and speed clock when the car hits vtec, it comes on, this is very tastey i think, but i was thinking of getting it done to my car, the problem is, that im very cagey...
  19. prevtec

    first starts in the morning

    i see members having disscusions about whats best for starting your car fisrt thing in the morning, so heres whats best look at it this way what if i woke you from your sleep and asked you to run a mile as fast as you can straight away?? same thing with a car, its bad for you when a car is...
  20. prevtec

    whats bad about a focus??

    hi ford heads, prevtec here im a honda nut, but the gf wants a new car and is drawn towards a 200 - 2001 focus 1.4, i cant change her mind so...... i dont have a clue about faults on a focus, so i would like your advise on this paticular model 2001 ford focus, 1.4 lx 50,000 miles what do...