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  1. prevtec

    Brakes - advice required

    hi and welcome to the forum try autoparts warehouse, if that fails try the parts train the bb4 has no abs so you do need good brakes hope this helps
  2. prevtec

    The generation game

    you cant beat old cars, they were built when car companies were competing against each other today the technoligy is better, but the cars are thrown together with plastic
  3. prevtec

    Hi , Newbie Here

    welcome along, lexus soarer, nice
  4. prevtec

    The Positives of Lightweight Wheels

    its common sense as to why lightweight wheels are better than heavy shinny 1s but when you lighten alliminium, you weaken it, and alloys have a weak spot as it is carbon wheels will be big waynne, both trend and price carbon is strong, but for a wheel to put up with potholes its going to...
  5. prevtec

    Cut up on a roundabout again

    thats over here too, were not that far behind ye lol but what catches people here is, its grand having markings foillowing the roundabout, but theres 5 other main rds joining it, the markings xcross over each other and people cant understand them i can because i know my lane dosent take a...
  6. prevtec

    Broken Blow off Valve

    welcome to the site i dont know a lot about turbo only that their fast but as far as i know turbos have a sealed system, the blow off valve allows unused gasses out, if its broken, it wouldnt be good what you could do is take out rthe valve, and bypass it the car didnt come with 1 from...
  7. prevtec

    Cut up on a roundabout again

    theres a roundabout here in cork, we call it the magic roundabout, always crashes there has been talks of putting different coulor rd markings so people know what lane to stay in do you think this is a good idea?? i know how to use 1, but unfortunatly a lot dont, would coulored markings...
  8. prevtec

    Wingmirrors wont fold

    electric folding mirrors are only handy when its raining and your on a very tight road with traffic oncoming, you dont need to get wet if you know what i mean other than that their only another thing that can go wrong with your car, plus if they do get accidently get blown off, their costly
  9. prevtec

    Hi, started my new project!!!!

    hi and welcome to the site, i like mr2, get some pics up
  10. prevtec

    Ever bought a lemon car

    bought a lemon once, sold it on to some donought and made cavier what a recipie lol
  11. prevtec

    Confusios say for motorists

    better to get there late than dead on time
  12. prevtec

    Screen wash could save your life

    im going to use vinegar so the bacteria tastes nicer, what a load of rubbish not that im against screenwash, i use it all the time, but come on whats next,??
  13. prevtec

    Screen wash could save your life

    lol, yeah
  14. prevtec

    Family car

    mondeo as parts are cheap, and they have a good saftey rating, volvo are tanks,but cost a lot for parts
  15. prevtec

    what drivers will be the new cocks???

    the new cocks will be something german lol, its always a german car
  16. prevtec

    Need Help, Car keeps cutting out??/ What could the problem

    altonator, im sure, the revs droping down past the norm at 800rpm indicates its faulty and the battery is not holding the charge, or else you could have a faulty fuel pump, try what tn said, it could be something stupid
  17. prevtec

    What is it about driving

    i love to drive at night, good weather and hardly nobody on the rd i get the most pleasure from driving under these conditions, it gives me time to think about stuff, plus i just love being with my car when its queit, not because i speed or anything but its when i really love the car the most
  18. prevtec


    good news for the jap who hangs on to his car for a little longer, i know exactly what your saying though a 1990 box shape civic sir will now cost you an arm and a leg to get from japan, you could buy almost 2 type r civics for the cost of the boxy, in saying that if you have 1 of these...
  19. prevtec

    most beautiful car

    how old does it need to b e to be classed as a classic?
  20. prevtec

    Fixed pot holes need reparing again

    sorry now, but come to ireland and then talk about bad rds, i was in liverpool a few years ago and to be honest the rds in england are like the red carpet at the grammys compared to irish 1s it cant be that bad where you are,