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  1. Country Bumpkin

    Fake components.

    Just watching a programme on the t.v. about cheap import parts from China. It's about replacement air bags, brake discs & alloy wheels. Some of the results are quite alarming. It was highlighted initially by a find of thousands of fake air bags for Honda cars found in the U.S.A. All I can say...
  2. Country Bumpkin

    Upgrading your pride and joy.

    So often I see posts from young lads who ask for tips on how to make their car go faster. If I see them my standard reply is normally along the lines of making your first upgrades to the brakes, suspension and tyres etc. There's a reason for this and it's not just because I'm a boring old fart...
  3. Country Bumpkin

    Helping you.

    I'm not the most enthusiastic car forum member any more but every now and then i will pop in. If you have a GTO related question that is bugging you, post it here first obviously because someone may give you the right answer. If that doesn't work, send me a p.m. and when i finally open my...
  4. Country Bumpkin

    Hi again,

    Some may remember me, i went on holiday and basically lost all enthusiasm for car forums. I must be honest and say that i'm not going to be a regular as i was before. Sorry but forums just don't motivate me anymore, not at the moment anyway, things may change, we'll see hey. I must dig out some...
  5. Country Bumpkin

    See y'all next year.

    As from Tuesday i'm away for a few weeks, back sometime in early January. Visiting Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore. Watching the cricket in Oz. I have some articles written that i promised on engine building, but i do need to get better phots to emphasise them. I will do that as soon as i...
  6. Country Bumpkin

    Sizing Injectors

    HERE is a link which explains injector sizing, flow rate, requirements etc. It's not the final word in fuel flow but it will give a good insight to people who want to understand these things better. Obviously this info is for anyone upping the power and wanting answers to questions.
  7. Country Bumpkin


    Is anyone on here going to Japfest ? Just curious as it would be nice to actually meet someone else from the forum. :bigsmile:
  8. Country Bumpkin

    Is anyone interested ?

    Whilst building another engine today i wondered if any of you lot would be interested in some tech stuff along the lines of using plasti-gauge to measure the clearance on crank bearings, measuring and gapping piston rings etc ? Unfortunately i didn't take any phots as my brainwave didn't occur...
  9. Country Bumpkin

    Modifying your car? Please think carefully about what you're doing

    We have had a car on one of the ramps in the workshop, it has been modified and it has won shows. I can't say what the car is, who owns it or anything like that except that it is not a GTO. It came to us for a mechanical problem which needed fixing. The reason for this post is just to get your...
  10. Country Bumpkin

    Another daunting video

    Don't text and drive
  11. Country Bumpkin

    Please watch this ! I hope it makes an impression where it is needed, if indeed it is needed on here, i hope not though. Enjoy Christmas and the New Year and stay alive to celebrate it.
  12. Country Bumpkin

    Anyone going to JAE this week-end ?

    It's the biggest Jap car club event of the year and is at Wicksteed Park, Kettering. If anyone is going, come over and say hallo, i'll be on the GTOUK stand, ask for Mark from Sumiyaka as they sure as hell won't know who Country Bumpkin is...
  13. Country Bumpkin

    Back on the road at last. My GTO !

    It has taken a long time but this afternoon we finally got my GTO back on the road. Got to get some miles on it now, get it all settled in then we can start getting it mapped properly and obviously then a session on the dyno. There's still plenty to do but now it's running i can get the rest...
  14. Country Bumpkin


    Hi, New here and it's rude not to say hallo ;). It looks like a neat site, i'll have a proper look around when i have more time. C.B.