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  1. Rudders666

    Painters in West Yorkshire

    Hi guys, I'm currently having my wheels powder-coated. I'm trying to find a painter in the West Yorkshire that can match my wheels on plastics so I can get a few bits done. Any recommendations welcome. Cheers, Pete
  2. Rudders666

    April onwards is getting worse thoughts?
  3. Rudders666

    New road tax flat rate. Thoughts?

    Hi all, Just wondered what peoples thoughts were on the new tax rate that's coming in at the start of April. If you buy a new car after said date you'll pay it's first years tax, depending on emissions, after which it will fall to a flat rate of £140 for everyone regardless of emissions...
  4. Rudders666

    Electrical/Wiring Fault?

    Morning all, This morning started out somewhat annoyingly with the car not starting! I had all my bulbs upgraded a couple of months ago. Within the last few weeks the drivers side sidelight LED bulb has been flickering. I had the installer come back and re-install a new bulb. All was well for...
  5. Rudders666

    Ford Fair 2016

    Hi guys, Finally got myself back into a new Focus ST at the start of the year. Anyone on here coming down to Ford Fair this year? I'm on with Cheers, Pete
  6. Rudders666

    Guess who's back, back again...ah you get it

    Hi all, So I've been away a while once more. I believe last time I logged in I may well have been running a Chrysler 300C. Well that only lasted me a year and I sold it on. Since then I had a Puma for about 6-7 months and then had an MX5 for a bit which was a great little car. After much mucking...
  7. Rudders666

    Wanted - fiesta zetec s mk v

    Hi all, Looking to buy a mark 5 fiesta zetec s pretty soon. If anyone knows of a decent one for sale (rust free) then please let me know. Cheers, Pete
  8. Rudders666

    Chrysler Gear Shift

    Hi all, Selling a Chrysler 300 SRT gear knob and shift plate surround. Looking for £25 collected or £30 posted. Thanks, Pete
  9. Rudders666

    My Chrysler 300C CRD SRT issues

    They've now had the car back in at the dealership for about a week due to a knocking noise under the front end. So far they've replaced the droplinks, track rod ends, wishbone bushes and have checked that it's not the shockers (which it's not). They're now replacing the bottom arms and hoping...
  10. Rudders666

    Moved on to something new

  11. Rudders666

    Focus RS Replica Wheels - Nut Problem

    Hi all, Have any of you fitted RS replicas to your ST-2's at all? I've fitted them with OE Ford nuts but they don't appear to be right. Has anyone encountered similar problems or can tell me what nuts they use? Thanks, Pete
  12. Rudders666

    Quick Opinion

    On an orange Focus ST. Which wheels would you have?
  13. Rudders666


    Hi all, I'd like a quick opinion on which you prefer for an orange focus st. Thanks, Pete
  14. Rudders666

    Focus ST & Dump Valve

    Hi all, Has anyone run a dump valve on a Focus ST 225 before? Mine's had several modifications and i recently re-installed my dump valve after getting Mod X. I don't know if it's my paranoia or that the car's just not boosting as high with it on. I'm sure I was able to get that bit higher in...
  15. Rudders666

    I'm Back :D

    Hi all, After a long period away from the site i recently remembered it still existed. lol. Sorry about that. Since being away my Focus ST-2 has had somewhat of a transformation. I've added carbon wrapped bonnet, wing mirrors and light surrounds. Also a Dreamscience intercooler and RS...
  16. Rudders666

    New Brum

    Hi all, Now have a Focus ST instead of the Fiesta ST as i'm sure you know from my updated gallery. :twisted: I'm booked in down at Dreamscience on Saturday and was wondering if anyone else had gone this route and what peoples thoughts were on this? Many thanks in advance, Pete :bigsmile:
  17. Rudders666

    Linking thread

    Hi all. Just wanted to link my previous thread I've made some modifications/updates to the car and wondered if you'd be so kind as to share your opinions. Much obliged. Pete
  18. Rudders666


    Hi guys and girls, I'm after getting some smoked-back angel-eye headlights for my Mark VI Fiesta ST. Does anyone know where I can get some at a reasonable price? They seem to vary between £143 and £199. Thanks all, Pete :D
  19. Rudders666

    My new Fezzy ST

    Here's some pics of my new Fezzy ST when I was just buying it...
  20. Rudders666

    New Car

    Hi all, Just an informative one to tell all that I've finally purchased a new motor. I bought a Fiesta ST with a Mountune Stage 2 Kit on it so it's 185bhp. Loving it so far! Haven't been on for a while so looking forward to catching up with you all again. :bigsmile: