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    magnetic dampers

    Hi Has anyone got or tried Audi's magnetic dampers? Have you found any significant improvement in road holding? I am presently ordering a new Audi A5 cabriolet. Many thanks in anticipation. TheMac
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    A5 high pressure fuel pump cutting out

    While my car was cruising at approximately 50 mph in 6th gear a warning light on the dash board relating to the emission control system came on (page 13 of the owner’s manual). On the advice of dealership staff the RAC breakdown service was contacted, ran a diagnostic test, found a fault related...
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    Lowering Audi A5 cabriolet

    Does anyone know by how much the 'S' line Audi suspension lowers he height of the A5 cabriolet? I have been told 20mm by Audi but have since read its only 10mm - although it was an American forum and perhaps the suspension height varies from location to location. I would be reluctant to pay the...