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    long time no see

    heeyyyyyy, havnt been on here in ages [for certain reasons] and thought I would say hey. so whats been happerning in my absence? I know prince had a crash, not good but aslong as he's ok. hows OG's elan coming along?
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    thought that I would offer my bike up here. so for sale, a 2003 honda NSR125R JC 22 fox eye model 19000 miles new sprocket set, brake pads front and back. new fork seals/fork oil and new head stock bearings. new front indicators [as the rebber had perished and were v wobbly] still a lot of...
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    High octane in 2 stroke

    As most of you know, i am going to be getting my NSR tomoro morning, and as its a 2 stroke, i am unsure if putting high octane fuel in it, what it will do. as high octane fuel stops premature detonation, anti knock and so on. would it do any damage to my 2 stroke bike or make it run badly...
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    hmmm... choices choices

    right, i have been informed that i am going to be getting about 2500 in inheratance from my dad (he didnt die, one of his mates did) he got a nice amount and has desided to give me an my siblings some. so, what to spend it on?? im thinking a car as i have my test next month and i already...
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    van help

    right, i am going to be the proud owner of a 2003 Honda NSR on saturday, the thing is, its its a bit less than 100 miles away. so i didnt want to ride a shiney new bike back near to 100 miles on the first time out on the road after my CBT on roads that i have never seen or been on before...
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    respraying panels

    I am set to pick up my motorbike on friday to start a job on sunday, but the thing is im not too keen on the colour scheme. (you can see it in the gallery) so i was thinking of giving it a respray, the only thing is i have never done it before, so what I was going to start on was the...
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    screw 3rd time lucky

    i passed my cbt today, quite happy with it :) did it on wednesday, while doing the slow speed manouvers in the yard i dropped the bike (almost, only the exsaust kissed the floor) a couple of times, and after lunch the instructor said i wasnt ready for the road ride, no biggie, just come back...
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    bikes ehh?

    so what are the views of the members of torquecars on motorbikes?? do you hate them with a vengance or just indifferent? (i ask because i am going to become one of these brave few come wednesday:cheesy:)
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    car list

    what sort of cars and how many have the members of torquecars had in there time and why did they choose them/get ride of them because of problems?? I'll start mk2 fiesta, got it for free from my mum, didnt have a licence so traded it for a scooter (was 16) a few years ago now ;p
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    i messed up :( quite spectacularly aswell :/
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    race fuel

    has anyone had any use of race fuel, be it down the strip or merely put some in there car to see if they got any power gains V normal fuel. also i found some 135 ron fuel on the net, but it was leaded :/ is there any additive or way to make it unleaded? or just get the 110 ron unleaded
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    vtec help

    im hopefully if i pass today :/ going to be getting a vtec civic. and i am trying to see about modding for the future. i was thinking about a vtec controller like this Field SFC-Vtec Controller The Field VTEC controller is a perfect suppliment for VTEC Honda's. The Field VTEC controller...
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    camshaft profiles

    in my rather basic knowlage in car working this is how i see it. a normal car has one or two cams, SOHC or DOHC. the inlet ones are the ones im talking about. a normal cars the car has one camshaft lobe profile and Vtec has two, one for normal driving and one for when the Vtec kicks in...
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    ......give us a bad name

    dont you hate it when people drive around like idiots and give proper 'enthusiasts' a bad name. like weaving in and out of traffic on the motorway. a bit like this 997 owner is doing personally i wouldnt want to do this, there are plenty of...
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    extreme secutity

    now im not planning to do this, just curious as i have seen some of the anti-hijack methods they use in south africa, one being a 8 foot flame thrower to either side of the car lol. saw something like this on an american site a while ago. what im wondering is can it be legal to get...
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    a little help

    basically i have got my test less than a week, hopefully it will be the last time i have to attempt it. anyway i am a bit stuck for choosing what car i want. i have narrowed it down to a short few. i know i wanted a audi, too much on insurance, same for focus and robin hood :P(that was...
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    ye olde diesel

    even now there are still the ye olde diesels running around. you know the sort, the run on old chip fat, vodka, and probably old cider :o anywho, what sort of things can you do to them tuning wise to get more power. other than just putting a bigger turbo on them(the TD's that is)
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    old git

    dont know how to pm :/ so ill put it here i saw your robin hood and elan. v nice. but im wondering what does the robin hood drive like? and whats the insurance like on it, as its a kit car they seem to be pretty low on the insurance. i know that your a bit older than me but it should...
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    need help.

    right, to start off i have got my test in under a month (i know i've left it late, but i failed twice due to doing stupid things like stalling at traffic lights then didnt have funds) so, after i pass my test my dad said he is going to buy me a car, he has said for about a grand but i will be...
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    getting pulled

    i know most of the time its how the person behind the wheel is driving. but do you think some cars are more likely to be pulled over by the police than others if you are driving like you should be i.e within the speed limits i was thinking along the lines of, would a bmw get pulled more that a...