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    I'm Back :D

    Hello again! :D
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    Mazda RX8...Why so cheap?

    Found this link on a similar thread else where, tell you what I'm a little tempted. :D
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    Carbon fiber company recommendations?

    I have an idea, I'll send you a pm. :D
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    self driving cars can't be all bad?

    I'm all for it on a commute. :)
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    Irritating pip

    That's a neat feature. :D
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    Hello Guys...

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    At Last!. I have started on my car ;-) PART 2

    This any good OG? Scratch that, I woz conned. :P
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    Car SOS - Feb 7th 8pm

    I enjoyed it, got it on series link now. :D Seeing as their based in Brum I wonder if their garage will repair my rear arches. :P
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    Help diagnosing ABS problems

    I'd get the faults read, check the Abs sensors/ wiring and the condition of the reluctor rings on each wheel first.
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    How to charge a car battery

    When I fitted the correct battery to my 5 I discovered that it can't be jumped started and it needs a specific charger, also they recommend that it's charged continuously for three days once a year!
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    How do you ruin an engine

    Fitting a spanky new induction kit and routing the air feed really low into a fog light or placing it in the lower part of the grill with a shiny anodised inlet. Then pretend you a rallye driver and bomb the through the first ford you can find. :P
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    Where to find a drag tree simulator

    Think I broke it got a green time bit it came up .' :lol:
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    Where to find a drag tree simulator

    That's a little bit addictive Og.
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    Induction kit fail

    Is it an oiled filter? I've heard of cars MAF sensors getting a thin coating of oil from the filter & it causes the car to play up.
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    Mazda RX8...Why so cheap?

    The main thing is they're a little bit thirsty & not just for fuel, because of the way the rotary engine works it consumes a litre of fully synthetic every month or so if memory serves me right. Also it's uber critcal that the car is properly serviced at the given intervals, failing to do so can...
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    picks of my engine bay

    I think I will have to try and get to one of your race meetings just to see this run. :D Aside from Prescott where else do you compete Claymore?
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    Tracking a classic car

    Popping a post on might help or at least someone might have seen it at a show or out & about. Good luck I hope you find it. :D
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    Money no object mod list

    They sell conversion kits in the US, I'd love to build one in the future. :)
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    Money no object mod list

    Stick a V8 in it!