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    At one with the car

    I found taking my old Mx5 on the dirt roads into the country helped definatly found out how far both the car any myself could go, I cant wait to get back out there and have another play, i would highly recomend it. Just you and the car with miles and miles of empty road and no police and if...
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    Use your fog lights

    There is a Merc near me that always has his fogs on in the rain, it anoys the hell out of me, chances are he's never seen proper fog anyhow, moron.
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    Used car milage/ Kilometer(age) ?

    So i know less is better but what cars still have alot of go in them. I am looking at a Discovery but they all have about 200k kilometers on them is this alot for this type of car? Are there any other cars that are still a great buy even with alot of ks on them?
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    4 best looking Japanese cars.

    1977 Toyota Celica fastback :D
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    What car to buy..?

    ill buy a mx5 and not tell the misses till i get home great plan
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    What car to buy..?

    cant insure a turbo under 25.
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    What is the best looking Toyota

    1977 Celica Fastback. But with the interior from a new celica.
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    What car to buy..?

    Im English, From Essex so naturaly the choice is a scooby or a cosworth, Scoobys are super common and cozy's arnt sadly, plus Monaro's are way out my price range and cost a crap load in fuel.
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    Whats the stupidest thing you've ever done?

    When i was 13 i brought a classic mini, i put a tinny little bracket to lower the steering wheel buy a couple of inches but didnt do it up propaly, couple days later was showing of how i had a mini to some older kids and went to take it round the block when i got back the bracket fell of the...
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    What car to buy..?

    At the moment i have this boat. Id like a smaller car maybe 2 door, im going to the car strip tomorrow so am gona look at all cars that are sugested. I like the space of a big car but being old and a v6 it cost me a...
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    What car to buy..?

    Hey folks in desperate need of some help :D i have about 10,000 Australian Dollars to spend on the car insurace not included. What im looking for is a 4 seater with potential, sadly a 2 seater is out the question at the moment. My not so short list is. 206 GTI Nissan Skyline 1977 Toyota...
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    $3000 - How can I boost performance on my 206?

    Hey man im going to be buying my 206 GTI asap so if you have found anything that works well let me know :D
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    Car insurance...I think this is unreal.

    I was just comparing Australia to England and these are my results. Car: 2001 Pegout 206 GTI. Insurance Type: Fully Comp. Australia. Current insurer-Aami Car Insurance: £589.00 England Cheapest- Quote me happy: £5319.00 Well Known- Admiral: £7162.00 Most Expensive- ECar: £11,733.00 Only 10...
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    How many hours

    1 hour to and from work a day so 2 hours a day 7 days a week, 728 ? is that right thats alot. Thats 1 month worth of driving a year :S surely not.
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    What are these things called.

    Sometimes you just cant think of the word. Or maybe I have just shown just how amateur at the car game i actually am :D thanks bud.
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    What are these things called.

    I have half inched these from my fiances mother when she wasnt looking :D with the idea of using them or selling them what are they called i found them on google by putting wheel ramp things :D. Thanks Folks.
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    Man is nice to be back :D

    O yes got my visa the other day so im here for good. Yeah insurance is lovely fuel prices are on the up which isnt so great, put it this way in England i had my lovely 1.0lt Corsa at 2,600quid a year i have insured my Berlina 4.?? v6 for 240 dollars like 150 quid :D. fully comp on a 206 GTI here...
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    4 best looking Japanese cars.

    Surly that dosnt count lol didnt come out the factory like that.
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    4 best looking Japanese cars.

    Mx5 no one has said the Mx5 pfft.
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    In 10 and 20 years time

    10 years id like to be in a Mk 1 Escort Cosworth :D in 20 years id like to take a electric fuel sell crap and put it in it :D