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  1. turbonutter69

    Asus ROG GTX 1060 6GB.

    Ok so i've upgraded and I now have for sale a GTX 1060 6GB OC version. Barely a year old. Works flawlessly. All boxed. I shall post pics later. Would ideally like someone local to Derbyshire have it. As it is heavy. Although. I would post, To the UK only. "At the buyers expense" Looking at...
  2. turbonutter69

    Caption competition for August.

  3. turbonutter69

    Caption competition for January

    We needed a new caption competition so here it is. Vote for your winner using the like option - only 1 like allowed but you can unlike if a better answer comes along. Winner gets to set the caption competition for the next month + loads of extra kudos and respect.
  4. turbonutter69

    Kids these days!

    What possessed them to do this????
  5. turbonutter69

    Stay Safe!

    So we'd had a bit of good weather recently so I thought it time to send out a little reminder of the importance of being aware of other road users, pedestrians etc. Anyway have a look and read of this story. Not gory but it is graphic...
  6. turbonutter69

    Not good enough!!!!!

    This just isn't good enough from a car manufacturer of this size.
  7. turbonutter69

    Speed Camera Vans.

    I once read that the police mobile speed traps have to have warning signs on each side of the road warning that mobile speed checks are in place. Is this true?
  8. turbonutter69


    So do you use the mirrors or turn around and look out the rear window? I use the mirrors all the time and have done since passing my test some 10 years ago. So how about you?
  9. turbonutter69

    Car is on the way!!!!

    Well had Pentagon on the phone today to inform me that the car is due any day now. :bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile: Just need to clean the Astra as it's filthy.
  10. turbonutter69

    New car has been ordered.

    Anyone want to guess which one I went for? Insignia or Leon?
  11. turbonutter69

    2012 Leon Fr.

    Anyone drove one? The 2.0 TDI?
  12. turbonutter69

    Hidden features on cars.

    Ok so have you found any hidden features in your car? I'm still getting used to mine and whilst playing around in the other day I found out I can turn all the driver aids off altogether. Not just t/c but all the other back up driver aids esp and such. Anyone else found anything interesting?
  13. turbonutter69

    Interesting read.
  14. turbonutter69

    Fuel differences.

    Right i'm confused. :blink: What if any are the difference between Bp ultimate, Total Excellium and Shell's V-Power?
  15. turbonutter69

    Basic Track Day Essentials?

    So how do you prepare for a track day? What are the essentials for a track day? Try not to go over the top lets just keep this basic please.
  16. turbonutter69

    This is what Speed does!!!!!

    Who says speed doesn't kill? Be aware contains swear word at the end of the description.
  17. turbonutter69

    The Official 'Cars That Are Way Overpriced' Thread

    OMG another....How Much?? Here's another seller that I think has been sniffing something. :blink: IMO it's not worth anything like...
  18. turbonutter69

    The "RAT" look!!!

    Can someone please explain to me what these sort of people are thinking? Anyone on here think this looks good?
  19. turbonutter69

    How much!!!!!

    I'm sorry but even for a low mileage mint model I think this seller is on glue. :blink:
  20. turbonutter69

    What's the worst car interior.

    As title what do you think is the worst interior of all time. Standard manufacturer interiors only please. I think the old Rovers ave to be up the with the plastic wood effect. Looked so wrong imo.