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    MoT failed, needs a new front cross member...

    Needs a new cross member they said, plus a few other bits. Ok, says I, crack on. This was the bar they took out :eek::eek::eek::eek: There's also evidence on it of a previous weld - repair from a front end collision. The perils of a 22 year old car with 15 years of history before I got it.
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    The true cost of modding....

    Modding cars is expensive. We know this and one of the first things I say to newcomers on the scene is to kiss goodbye to your bank balance, and one of the first questions I ask people who ask what mods they should do their car is, "what's your budget?" Your budget is never enough. Recently...
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    My first track day

    Today I am driving around this (Castle Combe). In these I've already warned the wifelet that this might lead to me wanting to get my own Scooby on the track. We shall see :)
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    Haynes' Manuals.

    I thought it was about time I got one for my Scooby, so I went straight to the source, Haynes' own website. They have a search by reg option. I wasnt overly hopeful of this working as nothing finds my car from these types of searches (because they are just pulling data from the DVLA and the...
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    Happy birthday to me

    I've actually never been on a track. With any car. My mum and sister got me this for my 40th :) Happy days (8})
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    Re-chav'd the Scooby

    Yeah.... I changed the gold wheels to black to remove a little of the chavvy-ness. I've put some back :rofl: If the car was cleaner the wheel pink would better match the STi pink. I like it (which is all that matters) and it will look better once the car is black (which might take a year...
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    Bad drivers

    Something I've wanted to do, but really couldnt be bothered to do, is get the videos of the idiots I encounter on the road. Something snapped this afternoon when this idiot tried to crash into me. I may post more as and when they happen and I think about.
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    Window tinting the Scooby

    Going from this to rear windows tinted, later this afternoon.
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    ICE upgrade on the Scooby

    Well, just the head unit for now. Guy is installing new one literally as I type. Going from this... to this I'll post a pic from the car when he's done :)
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    Common question - can I fit a turbo?

    Probably, yes. With enough money thrown at it most cars can get turbo'd. However it's a pain in the... The Mighty Mod chaps, from Down Under, recently added a turbo to their two wheel drive Evo. Gives you an idea of what is involved, but doesn't cover everything in that one video. Hit up...
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    Hit and run on my bumper!

    At some point in the past couple of months some twonk has scraped passed the front off side corner on my car, scratching my bumper and cracking the lens case on the side light. I am not happy about that. More annoyingly my camera didn't pick it up; can only assume it was done slowly and...
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    It's not all about the peak power....

    Everyone loves big numbers, 300bhp, 400, 500! POWER!! But it's not always about peak output, often the space under the curve is the important part. The Mighty Car Mod boys recently built a Nissan Fairlady with an RB32 engine. Should achieve 350kw, iirc, (about 470bhp). But when they took to...
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    TV Show: Fastest Car

    On Netfix, episode 1 is called "David vs Golith". It's about sleeper cars. Fast cars that do not look fast. The firstst car under the spotlight is a 1927 Dodge pickup called Lunchmoney |B:D
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    I hate those gold wheels on my car. So they are now gone :) After finding a slow air leak in the front near side I had the tyre looked at only to find the wheel was buckled on the inside (fecking potholes). This lead to searching around for wheel repair places and settled on...
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    Sodding nail in the tyre! Makes my car look so stupid :( But at least it's only for a day or two until I can roll into a tyre place and get it fixed.
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    The death of diesel is progressing.... Diesel ban approved for German cities to cut pollution They say it is "older" diesel cars, but I didnt see any age range.
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    Dat freeze!! and pending work on the Scoob...

    I broke my car last week. Regular readers may remember I had horrible battery issues last winter that was finally solved with an Optima Redtop battery. Last week on Monday, when it was quite frosty, my battery was dead. Bloody annoying to say the least. I get my neighbour to bring her car...
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    Car parks - front in or rear in?

    Which way do you lean? I've seen arguments for both ways and I think one is complete tosh. My view....
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    What cars have you owned

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could get a list from the DVLA of all owned vehicles..... :( From what I can remember: Started driving in 1996... 1986 black Metro 1988 beige Nova S 1988 red Golf C 1979 white Golf GTI 1986 black Golf GTI 1988 black Golf GTI 1989 green Golf C 19xx silver Vectra SRI...
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    Diesel vs old petrol - Top Trumps for emissions On top of the test the article also mentions about new charges for driving in London - Ultra Low Emissions Zone. It doesn't mention what that is exactly, but I think it's safe to assume my Scooby is not allowed in London...