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    Granada parts wanted

    Hi all, due to some little %$*)(s breaking in to my garage & damaging my car I am now on the search for Windscreen,Rearscreen,rearscreen chrome trim,Aerial & Vinyl dashboard surround, for a 1984 Ford Granada MKII 4 door saloon. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in...
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    Reversing Aids???

    Has anyone tried any of the many reversing aids on the market??? On a ' bad day ', I struggle turning left to look out of rear window, when reversing & have to rely on just mirrors, which obviously don't give a true image, especially distance ;). So I have been considering some kind of ' Aid '...
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    Tuning a MkII Granada???

    I am considering tuning the engine on my: Granada Ghia X 2.8 V6 Auto( carb ). Can anybody give me any pointers in the right direction please??? ( already considering K&N induction kit ). Also wanted bigger wheels, poss. 18", can anyone tell me if this would be possible without too much mods? &...
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    Hi All Granada owner intro.

    Hi all, thanks for accepting me. Live in Leigh,Lancs. NW UK. I own a 1984 ( A reg) Ford Granada Ghia X 2.8 V6 Auto. Been into custom & classic cars since being a little boy, ( wasn't we all, LOL ). Granada is ' laid-up ' in bro in laws garage at the moment, awaiting Ins.& Tax. I am hoping to put...