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    CAT stolen!!

    People im fuming to say the least just to let people know and be warned my CAT off my ford 4X4 pick up was stolen was sworn right off had a quote to get mine fix and lets just say its not cheap totally fuming it was on the road not outsidethe house as this truck is normally blocked in on the...
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    rs7 set

    I have a set of RS7 for sale they do need a refurb and one wheel also has a slight buckle in the wheel which i have been told can be put right. Looking for a decent offer on these! will gets pics of the buckle asap!
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    eibach lowering springs

    Eibach lowering springs for sale on a fiesta st these are no longer needed so would like £80ono for the set.
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    Front and rear Struct Brace

    I have for sale my front & rear Struct brace all in for £65.
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    miltek 4-1 manifold

    Hi i have for sale my miltek 4-1 manifold which is on a fiesta st there bigger and better plans to come and this is no longer needed it has only done 300miles prob not even that. I am looking at 275ono, this can be fitted if need be. Any question please pm me also pictures are on my project...
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    rs7 alloys

    Hi i have 2 rs7 alloys for sale! do need a slight refurb these both were re condition from a well known company but slight worn off after some road use! I will post pictures later on! £250ono
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    Hi All

    Hi thought i would sign up after a recommendation from a friend (MRB). Im Faye currently driving our track day fiesta ST which is work in progress cant wait for it all to be finished now and also a black focus st no plans to tune it yet at the moment but we shall see by summer i know i would...