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  1. thexav

    Negative oil prices - paying people to take it.

    Never thought I'd see the day they were giving oil away and paying people to take it! Do you think my local petrol station will pay me to take a tank of fuel off their hands? I think it's at least worth offering to help out in this crisis! ;-)
  2. thexav

    Lets do a picture chain thread.

    Ever done a picture chain thread. You post up an image related in some way to the previous one. They must all be car or car part related. Ideas, Red car posted up, the next photo is of a Red Viper, the next would be a Dodge Charger picking up on the Dodge brand, then someone would post up a...
  3. thexav

    Are magnets on oil filters a good idea?

    I've seen companies selling magnets that fit around an oil filter. Does this change the oil in some way or make it more slippery? Why would you want to put a magnet on your oil filter?
  4. thexav

    What are fuel stabilizers and which is the best one?

    What are fuel stabilizers, what would you say is the best one? Does everyone benefit from a fuel stabilizer?
  5. thexav

    What does Hydrolock an engine mean and how?

    What is Hydrolock? What does hydrolock do and how can you Hydrolock your engine?
  6. thexav

    Does a cam lobe open or close a valve

    I know how cams work as such but I'm wondering if the lobe bit opens or closes the valve. A 280 degree cam is that 280 degrees of closed valve or open valve? Sorry to ask a dumb question but I've seen videos where it shows valves open and close when the widest point of the cam lobe is in...
  7. thexav

    What's the difference between Valeting and Detailing?

    Ok so are these the same thing Valeting and Detailing? If not then what is the difference between Valeting and Detailing?
  8. thexav

    How long can you idle a car for?

    I know you shouldn't idle a car but why? How long is it ok to leave a car idling for? What damage is likely to happen if you do it too much? How are you supposed to warm up the engine in winter time?
  9. thexav

    Can anyone explain tire sizes

    What do the numbers mean that are on the side of tires? Are they all important or can some be ignored?
  10. thexav

    Best tire shine products

    What tire shine products do you use? What do you recommend to get that nearly new shiny tire look?
  11. thexav

    What are the best diesel fuel additives ?

    Do you use fuel additives in your diesel engine? What are the best additives to use in a diesel engine? Any you recommend or any I should avoid?
  12. thexav

    What does a knock sensor do

    I think I know the rough idea but can anyone actually explain what a knock sensor does? # What is knock? Will a car still run without a knock sensor?
  13. thexav

    What is the best way to dry a car after it's been washed?

    What methods and tools do you use to dry off a car once it's been washed? I used to use a chamois leather, but the local car wash place use a silicone blade and that seems quite effective but I've got mates who dry off their cars using a towel or microfiber cloth. What are your thoughts? How...
  14. thexav

    What windshield washer do you use?

    What do you put in your windshield washer water reservoir? Also do you do a different ratio of mix in summer and winter? Is it worth buying the mix with water windshield washer fluid or the one that comes already made up?
  15. thexav

    Anyone used a foam cannon? What's the best one?

    Anyone used a foam cannon? What's the best one? What soaps and products do you use in your foam cannon?
  16. thexav

    What is the best degreaser to use on your engine?

    Thinking about a clean up so was wondering what you use to cut through the grease and grime that builds up on the engine. I did use a spray on degreaser once but can't for the life of me remember what it is called. Any suggestions on oil and grease removal products to get my car engine nice...
  17. thexav

    Dry sump benefits

    What are the benefits and pros and cons of converting to a dry sump? From what I can make out you replace the sump with a bottle and a pump which is surely heavier and less practical than the system you are ripping out?!
  18. thexav

    What does an oil catch tank do?

    So what does an oil catch tank do? I know it catches oil! Before someone suggests that as an answer! :lol: What oil does it catch, and why do you want it caught? Where does it go once it caught it?
  19. thexav

    What is a nitrided crank

    I heard someone say they were getting a nitrided crank! I used to watch Night Rider, but I'm guessing this has nothing do with the show, although a car that jumps in the air when the turbo button is pressed would be really cool! What on earth is a nitrided crank? What does it do? Do you buy...
  20. thexav

    How does a crank grind and polish improve performance?

    One mod I can't get my head around is the crank grind and polish. How does grinding the crank and polishing it improve an engines performance? Can you just grind it, without polishing? Or can you just polish it without grinding it?