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  1. KAR120C

    16 valve 2.0 litre C20XE engine

    Rebuildin my C20XE. I am interested in any parts people may be selling.
  2. KAR120C

    Caterham parts.

    Always interested in any S3 Caterham 7 parts up for sale. Always looking to improve my car.
  3. KAR120C


    Any C20XE rebuild tips? I want to produce around 180BHP with the best torque and economy I can get. Looking for suggestions. Would love to hear from experienced C20XE builders.
  4. KAR120C

    Coil Over Shocks

    My 7 uses coil overs front and rear. Can anyone recommend good fast road setup and brands?
  5. KAR120C

    Where do you think fuel prices will be in a year

    Unleaded currently £1.15 at Morrisons in Chippenham I believe.