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  1. bax

    Intercooler cleaning

    Hey guys id like to clean the intercooler on my diesel SUV , its been on the car for 5 years and did about 50k kms only but it lived through a bad turbo that was throwing oil .. Ive recently been getting black smoke at high Rpm .. already replaced the air filter and the Turbo but i still have...
  2. bax

    Black Smoke

    Hey guys it's been a while , My question is this . Is there any way an Engine head can cause black smoke ?? The car is a 2005 Ssangyong Rexton 270Xdi diesel , common rail no DPF and the EGR system has been disabled and blocked .. The issue started after fitting a used engine head , ever...
  3. bax

    Engine bay temps

    so since my car is a diesel and a remapped one with other mods on it , the temps in the engine bay tend to peak and one can barely touch anything in the engine bay after a few heavy runs , needless to say things get much worse while offroading and pushing the engine to its limits . i have...
  4. bax

    Engine treatment

    so my cars engine has now done 260000 and its no longer young eventhough thats still young for this engine which can easily last over 500000 .. anyway some people brought up Engine treatment , mainly Tufoil engine Treatment .. now im no expert on the matter , i know that the Fuel additives work...
  5. bax

    Turbo flutter

    So i recently shared a video of my Car while offroading and people pointed out that my Turbo was making that flutter noise we all love and said that was bad for the turbo and will end its life alot sooner than it should ,they recommended installing a dump valve to solve that issue .. What are...
  6. bax

    Cut in power surge

    Hey guys its been a while :) with spring on the way the temperatures are rising and im forced to use the AC which lead me to finding something strange in my Car , yesterday i was on a long drive , it was 35C outside , AC on max going uphill i decided to floor the gas to overtake a truck .. so i...
  7. bax

    MAF/MAP/HP Pump

    so lately ive been thinking , my car is already 10+ years old and so far i never had to replace the MAF or the MAP(Turbo boost) Sensors , not that im complaining but i was thinking perhaps the old age had affected them slightly and caused a minor drop in performance for my car ... question is...
  8. bax

    Its that time of the year again ...

    So it seems my car wishes to be a drama queen this month and along the list of issues a serious one popped out .. Ive got heavy gray/white smoke coming out of the exhaust , like a cloud .. started two days ago on start up some white smoke came out and then it was gone , but this morning once i...
  9. bax

    New Engine vs Old Engine

    i know the title can be misleading but what i meant was not old Engine technology vs New engine technology .. its simple really an Engine with 1000km Mileage (Probably not the best word since im suing Kilometers :P) and another with 150000km .. Is the new Engine better in all aspects than...
  10. bax

    Pedalbox ?

    So i ran into a Rexton owner claiming that his car feels alot faster and drives alot better with something called Pedalbox , its like some sort of Chip that controls the Pedal , they claim it improves the Response in your car i dont know if i can share the site with you guys but if you look up...
  11. bax

    K&N filter and Top speed

    People used to tell me how better the K&N drop in filters are compared to the stock filters we have on our cars , now i know this is a subject that starts debates when speaking about cars in stock conditions . over the past 3 years ive made a number of upgrades to my Vehicle which include an Ecu...
  12. bax

    TCU Remapping

    i came across TCU Remapping a few days ago and i cant seem to shake the idea out of my head , not with all the good things its supposed to grant ... what can you guys tell me about TCU Remapping and should i consider it for my Diesel 2.7 Liter car ?
  13. bax

    Weird noise

    sup its been a while , with my luck im back with more issues :P back when i had a simple remap i used to hear this suction/blow out noise when driving between 2000-3000 Rpm , now the past week i upgraded to a more aggressive map that added me an extra 30hp and 80Nm and since then the noise...
  14. bax

    Understanding Diesels

    ive been trying to upgrade my Diesel 2.7L car over the past 2 years but i keep realizing just different it is from Petrol so i would like you guys to help me understand a little ... 1-Compared to Petrol which requires more Air (im asking this because i plan on using bigger intercooler pipes)...
  15. bax

    Fitting HX35 on Mid size Engine

    someone Recommended the Holset X35 Turbo for my Car after looking at the turbo graph but i have to wonder how well does a Turbo designed for 5 liter+ Engines work on smaller engines like my 2.7 liter engine (Keep in mind its a Diesel engine ) ... it will be Replacing a Garret GT2056s ...
  16. bax

    OM612 Limits

    I wish to know how much the OM612 Engine can handle (this engine is used on the Mercedes ML270 2002 , has 163BHP 370Nm) , What is the limit of Torque/HP that this engine can handle safely without too much risk and without the need to Reinforce the engine and such
  17. bax

    What is toe and camber

    I noticed i have 1 tyre on my car that wears on the outter thread alot faster than the rest , its the one on the passenger side I've gotta ask what do you mean by Toe/camber .. i have yet to come across these terms
  18. bax

    Your first car memories

    A Chevy cavalier was my First car so yeh ... it has a special place in my heart What was your first car and do you have fond memories of it?
  19. bax

    Rexton 2.7(165Bhp) Tuning

    It seems i posted in the wrong section before so here i am in Diesel land seeking help . I seek to Tune my 2005 Ssangyong Rexton 270Xdi(165hp with 341Nm) its the same engine you find on a Mercedes ML270 same transmission awell Engine is called D27DT while the Turbo is a Garret GT2056S . I have...
  20. bax

    Knowledge seeker here

    Hi i found this site today while looking for Info regarding Tuning Diesel cars , looks like a nice place .. a little complicated at first but ill get used to it , i dont know if its just me but it takes a while for the pages to Load .. So yeah i wont make this long , I own a 2005 Ssangyong...