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    electrical problems

    need some advice wouldnt start today turned key no hum from petrol pump. starter wouldnt turn engine over.had to go out so i left it for a couple of hours.came back and it started but the speedo went right round the clock.i took it up the motorway later and the speedo went round the...
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    clutch master cylinder

    alright chaps.anyone done a clutch master cylinder on a focus,and what kind of job is it.i think mine needs changeing as its leaking fluid on the mat.only a drip but i think i better do it asap.any tips advice on changeing it welcome.
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    the panic buying of fuel has started

    At the petrol station today and people were queing up getting petrol in jerry cans and filling there cars up.took me 15 mins to get to a pump.I would have drove to another station but I was blocked in.I am dreading this strike by tanker drivers if this is what its like already.
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    worst car ever owned

    what is the worst looking or worst make of car you do not like to admit to owning.i think mine was a 1.8 morris marina that the big ends used to knock in the engine it was always breakin down it drank oil quicker than you could put petrol in it and it was beige with a brown vynal roof.:embarrest:
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    focus radiator fans

    why do my cooling fans on my radiator come on when i put my heater blower on in my does it wether the car is hot or cold:confused:
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    what oil

    what oil should i put in my focus 1.6 zetec 2002.cheers chaps.
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    when i have got my heater on or a/c i can hear a clicking noise from under the bonnet is this normal or is it something to investigate an worry about.
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    focus headlights

    any one know if the headlights in my 2002 ford focus silver has xenon can you tell.cheers chaps.
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    vw beetles

    any one watch that programme on quest about doing up old vw beetles.i wish i could strip an engine in the back garden rebuild it with a load of old engine parts and then start it out of the car and it starts first time off the cracker.i want one of these engines.any one else want one of these
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    save space

    the reason i want to put it in the floor in the boot is so i can still use the boot for shopping.i cant get it all in with the sub in the box.cant use the boot for anything with the box in it.but i do love the baaaaaaaaaaas.
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    could i put my sub in the space where my spare wheel is if i put it in a flat piece of mdf. would it sound alright.
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    can i plug my sub and amp into my standard ford focus six cd changer.or will i hafto put a different head unit in with the pre amps to plug the sub and amp into.or is there another of doing it.cheers chaps
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    alright chaps .i have a question can i fit a sub in my focus useing the standard stereo it is the six cd changer.or will i hafto put a different head unit in.cheers chaps.
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    new ford focus owner

    hello chaps i am back sorry for not posting lately.i was not modding the escort it was just a workhorse.but i am back now with a 2 door ford focus 1.6 zetec se.i am looking forward to modding.gonna start with some bigger alloys i think.its got 15 inch on at the moment.any ideas on best mods...
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    new car

    hello chaps have not been on in a while been too busy.just thought i would tell you i have a new motor.the escort served its purpose its gone now.been replaced with ford focus silver 2002 reg.1.6 zetec se.any thoughts on this car and modifications i can do .cheers chaps sorry ive been away so...
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    what oil

    alright chaps.what oil should my 1.6 zetec engine have.cheers
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    Citroen Saxo alloys

    i have four saxo vtr alloys with 185x55 x14 tyres.have been refurbed.they are me or text or phone me 07989610920. Have got wheel bolts aswell.these wheels also fit on the pug 306.i had them on mine.
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    1998 1.8 s40.

    are these year and engine any good.thinking of buying the pug is playing up again.cheers chaps.
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    she lives

    happy days chaps.this afternoon i went for a spin up the dont realize how much you miss your car till you hav,nt got her.god bless the internal combustion engine.:bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile::bigsmile:
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    my 306 will only start if i pump the grenade.

    should the grenade on my 306 stay hard when i turn my engine off.