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    audi coupe power steering

    hi waynne thank you for yr interest in my problem. The power steering units have been euro parts and the leaks have sprung from different screw areas which im told is set at the factory. they have worked for 3-6 weeks before failing. Just wondering wether they follow correct procedures and using...
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    audi coupe power steering

    can anyone help with my qustion relating to power steering master cylinder for 1994 Audi Coupe 2L16v? Have had 2 new power steering master cylinders replaced because of leaks in different areas am in dispute with a national garage repair firm who have replaced the units under warranty twice but...
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    620Si, sell or maybe strip

    i would be interested in buying yr 620 as have a friend who also might be selling his so can have one for spares. Guy mob.07510-241200 or email