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    Saab interior trim colour codes

    Hi there, would anyone know offhand what the actual colour NAME is for my 1996 saab 900 convertible. The code is H32 - I want to buy some dye to restore the colour. Cheers.:lol:
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    Saab convertible roof

    Hi all, how goes it. Anyone want to help with a tonneau problem? I've just bought a 1995 900 convertible. Does anyone know a Tech 2 technician or similar in cornwall who could help with my roof problem:- The rear window raises as it should, and the roof presumably will retract once the...
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    Saab 1996 Convertible

    I have a 1996 Saab 900 SE Convertible. The roof retracting switch is a bit sticky and doesn't operate 100% of the time. I have another switch pack, but it is from a Saab 93 1998 - it is similar, but the roof button is for a sunroof rather than a convertible roof. Would this still operate a...
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    Saab 900 2.3 convertible

    Hi all, some advice if i may.:p I've just bought an old Saab convertible - it's a 1996 Saab 900 2.3 L SE. All is good, however when I put the roof down, there are two trim pieces missing. If you look into the holes where the trim pieces should be, you can see the roof mechanism - cogs etc. Does...