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  1. Marc07

    Wheel spacers, what to look for??

    Hi guys I am finding difficult to get the rims I want with the offset correct for my car so looks I will have to use some spacers. What to look for?? Whats the difference between 10pounds 5mm spacers and 50pounds 5mm spacers etc ??? Thanks in advance ;)
  2. Marc07

    Marc07's Window Tinting Tips

    This one was finished in Sun-Gard 35 black (soft tint). Tint levels 5-20-35-50, 5 is very dark, 50 very light. As car is completely black with no chrome details around the windows it does look better as is different than standard but no as good as next 2 cars. This Audi was finished in...
  3. Marc07

    LED side lights / bulbs vs. CAN-Bus wiring system.

    CAN Bus is a multiplexed wiring system used to connect intelligent devices such as Electronic Control Units (ECU's) on vehicles, allowing data to be transferred in a low-cost and reliable manner. CAN means 'Controller Area Network' and was developed by Bosch in 1980. Most new vehicles use this...
  4. Marc07

    Badge and dirt...

    Hiya A quick top tip needed ;) Whats the best and safest way to remove the badge and how to get that dirt off from the middle????? It was missed for years no probably and its so thick and solid and I can't wash it off.... I want all badges on the back off or replace with new...
  5. Marc07

    Headlights, what if ?? Europe vs. UK

    Hiya Just a quick one. As prices of headlights in UK are on ridiculous level where you can get same ones from Germany brand new original Hella's for 100 ish quid, what if I get the pair of them from Germany (Europe lights) and fit to UK model ??? Can I do the adjustments so they will...
  6. Marc07

    Audi A8 (D3 4E) Exhaust - Middle Silencer mod, prons & cons ??

    V8 Exhaust mod - Middle Silencer out, prons & cons ?? Hiya After a remap I've noticed better sound coming out of the exhaust and a bit 'coughing' ;) which just drives me crazy, in a positive way :) What I would like to know guys: what are all the (+) and (-) of having that middle silencer...
  7. Marc07

    Audi A8 (D3 4E) Headlights / Bulbs changing , removing Guide.

    Well, I came up with idea of this thread after my recent 'adventures' with changing the light bulbs on my A8. I have searched lots of Audi forums and threads on different sites, but not all of them gives you a clear and true answer in regards to this issue or even a single picture. I'm aware...
  8. Marc07

    Osram NB+

    Hi I was recently planning to upgrade my headlights to HiD, but when I read that they are road illegal I started to look for good halogen H7 bulbs which would give a clear white light, not blue ;) Also '06 plate Audi's had Can-bus wiring installed as well so another matter was to get the...
  9. Marc07

    Driving in ASIA

    Check this out ;)
  10. Marc07

    Flying Car, snooker cars and other idiots

    Some crazy videos I found today. Flying car through the toll gate >>>>> Very lucky cyclist (snooker cars ;) >>>>>...
  11. Marc07 Ski Jumping Champion ;)

    Check this out This year one of the most popular across the globe Ski Jumper, Adam Malysz, Champion for the past 10years, retired. He said that the next thing he wants to do as soon he ends his ski jumping racing, his dream, and thats a small example of his driving skills...
  12. Marc07

    Driving in RUSSIA

    Some stuff is really bad, hard to believe that this is reality Follow 2nd part ''Driving in ASIA'', crazy stuff as well. Enjoy, I think ;)
  13. Marc07

    Alloys upgrade

    Guys, does any one have a ''alloys/tyres Bible'' ??? :) which could tell me the correct/best (or MAX) sizes of offset & x.xJ for front and rear as it appears to be different for 20'' wheels on my car At the minute I've got tyre 255/45/18 rim 8.5J 18'' 5x112 ET45 What I want tyre...
  14. Marc07

    H7 Upgrades, which???

    Well, from my recent thread about HID upgrades, I came out with only 2 options ..... Or I will look for the Bi-Xenon headlights Or will need some advice in getting the best H7 bulbs replacement. ..... PIAA are to expensive to justify the cost. I've just recently decided that ordering...
  15. Marc07

    Exhaust cleaner, which ????

    Hiya I was just wonder if you have used or know which exhaust cleaner on the market is the best/most effective. I'm not planning to change it at this stage, so I want to give it a good clean. I think it would have to be a chrome cleaner. Is all smoky and with some hard smoked bits/rubish...
  16. Marc07

    2006 Audi A8 HID upgrade, which ????

    Hello Guys A massive help needed as I'm not getting anywhere with inquiries to HID sellers, just overall info, no facts. So any help from Audi owners and Torque Cars 'pro members' who 'really' have done it successfully will be very much appreciated (not heard of someone who's mate of mate...
  17. Marc07

    JFA - A8 3.7 V8 Viezu remapping

    Hi everyone This thread is to give you a bit more info and details about remap done to my engine. As per your advice guys, I've decided to go for remap instead of having a chip. The biggest point which changed my mind from chip to remap was that chips are not taking to consideration other...
  18. Marc07

    A8 3.7 V8 Pipercross Air Filter or Induction Kit

    Hello Guys I know very little about sport/performance air filters, just basics really, but I'm seriously thinking of installing one. I've read the Air Filters article and to be honest everything is against me. Engine: V8 3.7 40v / 280 BHP Bad points: - engine produces ridiculous amount...
  19. Marc07

    Hello TorqueCars !!!

    Hi everyone As you can see from my profile I'm 28 and I work for Local Authorities as a Property Manager. I know it may sound a bit boring, but everyone who knows me will tell you that I'm a nutter :) as I'm a master in separating work from a private life :blink1: Most of my teenage life...