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    Used car milage/ Kilometer(age) ?

    So i know less is better but what cars still have alot of go in them. I am looking at a Discovery but they all have about 200k kilometers on them is this alot for this type of car? Are there any other cars that are still a great buy even with alot of ks on them?
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    What car to buy..?

    Hey folks in desperate need of some help :D i have about 10,000 Australian Dollars to spend on the car insurace not included. What im looking for is a 4 seater with potential, sadly a 2 seater is out the question at the moment. My not so short list is. 206 GTI Nissan Skyline 1977 Toyota...
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    Car insurance...I think this is unreal.

    I was just comparing Australia to England and these are my results. Car: 2001 Pegout 206 GTI. Insurance Type: Fully Comp. Australia. Current insurer-Aami Car Insurance: £589.00 England Cheapest- Quote me happy: £5319.00 Well Known- Admiral: £7162.00 Most Expensive- ECar: £11,733.00 Only 10...
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    What are these things called.

    I have half inched these from my fiances mother when she wasnt looking :D with the idea of using them or selling them what are they called i found them on google by putting wheel ramp things :D. Thanks Folks.
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    Man is nice to be back :D

    Hey folks i am the Mx5 nut that talked constantly about it for bout 2 weeks straight on the thread. :D Alot has changed am now in Australia iwth a 4.8lt v6 Holden Berlina that was FREE and old cost about 100quid to insure for a year bit faster then the 1lt corsa i had in england :D. I have a...
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    Planned upgrades.

    I have been looking on Miata Mania an American website :D Prices are in American as is a American site :D Performance High Performance Miata Brake Kit. - $629.95 ACT Stage 1 Organic Clutch Kit. - $434.95 Lightweight Flywheel. - $479.95 Short Shifter Kit by Cobalt. - $149.95 K&N 57i Series...
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    Car Aircon other uses??

    Would it be worth taking the car heating system rerooting the pipes and feeding it straight onto the Air Filter instead of into the car and removing all of the bits no needed so it only feeds the coldest air it can onto the filter? (i would look to do it on a mx5 not a stupid corsa:))
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    High Performance Engines

    In your eyes what would be the best high performance engines to put into a car?
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    Fibre Glass?

    Does anyone have experience with fibre glass, its something i want to include alot on my next car just wondering how easy it is to work with an costs :D
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    Best ways to save weight??

    I was thinking to start with.. Light wheels No spare wheel Removing carpet relpacing with either like a felt or painted. light or carbon seats then carbon bonnet and boot any other quick fixes that can be made to lighten the car?
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    How much work would it take?

    To make a 0-60 in under 3 seconds car, my car of choice would be a 1998 1.8i Mx5, but what would be the best small car to do it with and how much work would it involve ?
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    4 Wheel Drive Conversion.??

    Firstly is it possible and how much would it cost routhly Secondly do you think it would be worth it i find part the fun of the car is the sidewise action it can give if you want it :D
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    Anyone have a Z-Cars Mini

    My first car was a Mini so they are set in my list of Cars for good i was intrested in a Z-Cars conversion either the Bike Engined (Hyabussa) or the Monte Carlo that they do.. Does anyone have one that they can tell me the Pros and Cons :D
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    Engine Swops

    Do you think that a Lotus Exige engine would fit in a Mx5 1998 and previous ?? If not are there any other big engines that will fit :D
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    Level of car to Represent TC..

    Just out of intrest what sort of level would a car need to be to represent TC like with a massive full side decal just reading TorqueCars.Com down each side??. I am asking this because once i buy my car when i get back to Australia i am planing to get help and information from the only people...
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    Mx5 1.8 Turbo or Supercharger

    Dont no if this has been asked before if it has my apologise I understand that a Turbo needs alot more than just bolting on where as a Supercharger is just a bolt on and in the end give the same amount of power. My question is: If you do all the mod needed for a Turbo to work at its best but...
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    Ive got the Mx5 Bug

    Whilst on a gap year in Australia i had a 1989 1.6i Eurno Roadster, made a month before i was born and fell in love with it, the only issue i had was i kept being thrashed by v6 and v8 Holden Comodors and Ford somethings, If like a 3-400 bhp possible just by moding a normal 1.8 engine and not...