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    vtec in earlier?

    Okay... so I'm looking at modifying a 98 1.8 vtec Accord and I'd really like the vtec in as early as I can (preferably all the time or like 2000 revs) but I have NO idea where to start. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, what is the other cable that runs opposite the throttle cable...
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    Dodgy earth?

    Okay... so my drivers side indicator is on and is staying on. No flashing, still on when the ignitions off. All of the indicators are on: front, side and rear. Is it a dodgy earth maybe? Or a fuse?
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    Where is the resevoir?

    I cannot find the clutch resevoir on my mates 1998 93 2.0t. Does anyone know where it is?
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    1998 93 2.0t clutch advice

    A mate of mines 93s clutch is on the way out. He asked me if the 93, 900, 9000, etc clutches are transferable. I had no idea so I thought I'd jump on here and ask around. His engine is the redtop, if this makes a difference. Thanks folks
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    What sorta work am I looking at?

    Hey guys. I'm looking into buying a Honda Accord 1.8 V-Tec but somethings up. Bottom end if fine, up to 3000 revs its like a normal car, but trying to get this thing to redline... OMG its like flogging a dead horse... I'm of the understanding that V-Tec engines were designed to have the...
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    Can I ask if anyone thinks decating a 1.4 16v megane would make any difference to the bhp? Cheers
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    Renault Megane Oil reccommendation

    Hi I'm just about to service the car and god knows what crap the previous owner fired in the engine and the cars manual is completely incomprehensible so what would you recommend? Synthetic or not? I don't even know what grade or make would be the best. Theres no serious mods made to the...
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    Legal Implications of lowering a car

    Does anyone know about the law reguarding how low cars can be? I can't seem to find anything on the internet with the police seemingly more put-out by tinted windows and undercar lighting, but I have a wee red flag going up in the back of my head and a few stories by mates to back it up. Any...
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    Steering wheel question

    I'm Quite a tall guy and I have long legs compared to my arms and while the meganes steering wheel is adjustable up and down its not adjustable in and out. This means to get close enough to the steering wheel I have to get too close to operate the pedals properly and to get to the right...
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    Flywheel lightening

    Has anyone attempted to lighten their flywheel and could tell me if its worthwhile? I'm not looking to take LOADS of weight off it just a kilo or 2. No more than that.
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    Pedal Covers

    My mk1 megane is getting old now and the brake and accelerator pedal covers are a bit worn down so I'm thinking of getting some nice new ones. Theres only two provisos they have to be metal (for longevity) and they have to have rubber grips on them (cause metal is as slippy as hell when its wet...
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    Dropping a mk 1 Megane

    Can anyone tell me how difficult and how to go about dropping a Megane? The guy who says he'll do it for me doesn't seem to think it'll be too difficult but, for curiosities sake, I'd like to know if I need to buy anything or exactly how to go about it Thanks
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    Engine Swap 1.4 - 2.0

    Can anyone tell me if this is doable or if the blocks are transferable and what else will need doing to it if I do swap the engines.
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    mk1 Megane 1.4 16v advice

    Hi guys I'm new to the forum and I was wondering if anyone can offer me advice in squeezing a bit more out of my 1.4 16v 2002 mk1 Megane. I inherited it a year ago and I've cleaned up the engine and I've already put an air filter on it and I plan to put 205/35/16s on it in the next couple of...