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    1999 Mk 3 vw golf 1.9 deisel alternator belt ( non turbo)

    I have the above motor, I need to change the alternator belt,it has a coil spring as a permanent adjuster under the alternator. I have never changed one with this method of adjuster before. Anybody know how to release the tension in order to change the belt? It has a separate "V" belt for the...
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    Engine upgrade

    I have a 1999 Golf estate,1.9 non turbo diesel 65 bhp. Will it take a turbo engine as a straight replacement? Are there any conversions which would suit? i.e. the 115bhp mk 4 tdi engine.
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    Hello from the oldest boy racer in town

    I am pushing 70yrs old,and have been fascinated by motors for what seems like forever. I worked for General Motors Holden as an experimental toolmaker apprentice in the early sixties. The hotrod scene was all the go at that period.I have seen some brilliant creations.Big V8 lumps etc .I have...