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    Autosport International 2013

    Anyone going?
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    Your very own Mclaren P1!

    Download this app, Android: iPhone: Print this out: https://www.facebook...&type=1 Enjoy! :bigsmile:
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    Tyre hotels

    Just reading up on winter tyres and it seems the popular thing to do is storing your tyres at the tyre fitters or somewhere else for six months until you need them again. Its a popular thing in Europe and something I think I might use. What do you think, is it a service you'd contemplate...
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    What have you bought you car today?

    Thought I'd create a post for those goodies have you bought for you pride & joy that don't warrant creating a new thread for. :bigsmile: Got a new gear knob for mine. :bigsmile:
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    This can't be good...
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    Number plate question.

    Just wondering if anyone know the law for grouping letters on a number plate. I've been reading the DLVA section on the directgov site regarding the rules for number plates but I can't find a answer on grouping letters. It says any plate made after 1 September 2001 must show the letters in...
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    How cool are these!

    A chap on a MX-5 forum has just made these dial faces for his car, I thought I'd share them with you as their so cool. :bigsmile: Source
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    Car park dings.

    Come back to the car today to find not one but two dents in the door & a paint chip, I could have cried. :( In all the time I had the MG I never got one dent. Some people just don't any consideration when it comes to other peoples property. :mad:
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    Well the MG's gone.

    Don't get me wrong the car was great to drive but I never really 'clicked' with it & as a result I just couldn't work up enough enthusiasm to do anything with it or spend any money on it. Add the fact the fuel economy was starting to do my head in and it was clear it was time to get rid :amuse...
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    680bhp compound charged Lotus Exige 1.8.

    The mind boggles at just how quick this must be. :blink:
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    Street legal- but just barely.

    I'd love to see this on the Top Gear test track. :D
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    How will you buy your next car?

    When your in the market for another car how do you go about it? Do you set your heart on a certain model & read up all you can about it? Or are you more of an opportunist & have a mooch around & see what's available for your budget?
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    Stainless steel replacement bolt kits.

    Found this site while mooching around, thought someone might find them handy. :D
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    Pikes Peak RS200

    Only 900+ bhp & 60mph in less than 2 seconds, I'd love a passenger ride in this! :blink:
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    I've chucked some bits on ebay.

    RC Helicopter: Tax Disc Holder: Moon gear knob...
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    Speaker baffles.

    This a new one on me. Closed cell foam pockets that you sit the speaker in before mounting it in the door, the idea is the baffle will protect the speaker from water & dirt. I like the idea but... won't that ruin the sound? :confused...
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    Time Attack Hyundai. :bigsmile:
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    Door membranes.

    When fitting a membrane back inside a door, what's the best adhesive to use? I assume Tiger seal will do the job? :D
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    AFM's & ITB's

    Just wondering, if fitting ITB's where does the ECU get its air flow info from? Or does it even use a AFM sensor? Apologies for a daft question. :embarrest:
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    What have you found in you car?

    Have you ever found anything interesting/dodgy/worrying from a previous owner in your car? Maybe it was an import and you found something from it's home country? Tell us! :bigsmile: