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    Diesel chip or Remap?

    Hi Are deisel chips safe or is Remap the only way to go? I have the 1.9jtd multijet 140 16v Thanks Pete
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    156 - get leather or cloth?

    Im buying a 156 but after owning a coupe with leather seats for the last couple of years (cold in winter sweaty in summer) Im seriously considering cloth seats. Ok, they dnt look as great but once in the car i dont think it makes much difference. How difference is the cabin quality feel of...
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    Engine conversion specialists

    Hi Im in Rugby, midlands. Thanks Pete
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    Which car maker has made the most progress

    EASY. Audi. Progress? They've gone from useful saloons with a good ethos of practicality with subtle performance and rally thoroughbred, they now stand on EVERY office forecourt in the UK, A3's through to big A5/A6's for the bigger earners. Unfortunately they've lost their spark, i love old...
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    Engine conversion specialists

    Hi Im looking to do a simple (well, fairly) engine conversion from a 1.3 to a 2.0 litre hyundai coupe engine in an Accent. I figure its an easier option than turbos etc. No point spending £3k on a sub 3k car, happily spend £1000 on a 150bhp version of my model though! Can someone point me in...