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  1. helphos

    Your ultimate driving experience day

    I belong to a Corvette club (USA) and several of the members run their cars on non-competitive speed events called HPDEs (High Performance Driving Events). Last year one of them convinced the organizers to allow club members to go for ride-alongs and I took advantage of that. Had a chance to...
  2. helphos

    Are bigger brakes always better

    You're right that tires become a limiting factor, but most performance enthusiasts put wider tires on as well. When I had a '94 Corvette, I upgraded the wheels to wider wheels and larger diameter. That allowed me to put on larger brake disks and calipers. I'm not sure about the benefit of...
  3. helphos

    How to: Wrap stuff in Carbon Fiber

    Looks very nice! Good work! Now I'm inspired to do my splitter.
  4. helphos

    How much does a full car respray cost

    I just saw this Mustang with an 'unusual' wrap from SEMA. It's not for everyone, bu I think it would look nice on my C4 Corvette. Despite the final look, it's not cheap!!
  5. helphos

    Reducing mist on car windows

    What Rob said... and with a car that's long in the tooth, the AC is not as spry as it once was. My Corvette is 22 years old! I'm going out and buying a pound of salt and giving it a go!!
  6. helphos

    Reducing mist on car windows

    I'd be interested in whether or not rice works!! My heater core sprang a leak and I fixed it by putting a sealer in my radiator. I plan to get it fixed properly in the spring, but for the time being, the sealer has sealed 99% of the leak. the other 1%, however, results in mist on the inside of...
  7. helphos

    How many gears

    Ohhh, maybe just a little!! :blink1: It's what scares me about buying a used manual trans car. More than a few people have no idea of the principles behind the manual gearbox. (Here I'm referring mostly to the US, where automatics dominate.)
  8. helphos

    How many gears

    Absolutely! My dad called it 'lugging' the engine. Two solutions- teach people the physics behind gear selection or put in bigger engines that can pull from idle. Guess which choice Chevrolet took!! I drove a Camaro once that had the infamous '1st to 4th' feature. It was maddening, BUT the...
  9. helphos

    How many gears

    Agreed, but I have a BMW 325 with a 5 speed that I'm always wishing had 6, and a Corvette ('93) with a 6 speed that I rarely get past the first 5! The Corvette has so much torque at low RPMs that at the factory (to promote fuel economy) they put a solenoid in that forces the shifter into 4th...
  10. helphos

    TDI 1995 Corvette? Help! Suggestions!

    It's been a while since you posted, but here's someone with the same goal: He's putting a turbo 4 into a C4 vette for racing. He believes it will be the best...
  11. helphos

    330i needed for mor POWER any help plz

    Here's an option: Corvette power in your E46: You still might get 25 MPG.
  12. helphos

    Are you glad 2012 is over

    I'm looking forward to some top-down driving weather this spring and summer. 2012 was a great year for that, and I'm hoping 2013 will be even better! Take a look at the album I just posted to see why I'm looking forward to the spring! It's the only Corvette album there as far as I can tell...
  13. helphos

    75 Corvette Tuning

    I had a 75 Corvette many years ago (bought new). I autocrossed it for a while and found that the best mod was a rear sway bar. Those cars didn't come with them generally and they understeered like pigs. Once I put the sway bar on it was a different car. Good luck!:)
  14. helphos


    Greetings! Is it just me? Does everyone think of the same vehicle when you say "F100." I think of an American Ford Pickup truck. I'm pretty good with a wrench, so when a fellow member chimes in with a problem, I'd like to be able to help. I'd like to avoid embarrasssing myself, though! :)
  15. helphos

    cut it off or leave it??

    I have a convertible, and early on found that the manufacturer had put a brace underneath to mitigate the twisting forces on the frame. So even if it doesn't collapse it might be an unsatisfying mod. Just for reference, the cross brace under my car is supposed to add more than 100 lbs to...
  16. helphos

    Hi from South Africa

    Welcome aboard, from America! Hope we can help you further modify your Audis!
  17. helphos

    Engine transplant

    My first concern would be for the computer and the wiring. Cars are so dependent on their computers and they in turn tie into all the other auto functions that I'd be surprised if you can install the mis-matched engine and have it work without a long string of compatibility headaches. a more...
  18. helphos

    Is E85 fuel available in the UK

    Lots of places in the USA sell E85, and people with classic cars generally try to avoid it. the primary reason is the corrosive effects of the ethanol on rubber fuel system parts. Many people complain that it damages their fuel injectors and fuel pumps. I can't say that the claims are true...
  19. helphos

    Greetings from the American Colonies

    Hope you get to enjoy the Olympic Games!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the weather wiill cooperate!
  20. helphos

    Greetings from the American Colonies

    I like forums based in the UK. Members are more likely to lend a hand than respond, "Take it to the dealer." I have a classic 93 Corvette convertible for driving on sunny days and a 2004 BMW 325 xi for the rainy ones. I do all the maintenance myself on both of them, and most repairs as...