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  1. Puntopimp

    New Car New Start!

    Hello everyone Been a very very long time since posting and I haven't forgotten you guys! I had a right result last week my old car the vauxhall vectra was a lepper in car form so very pleased to see the back of it! (Cluth, Injector and Electrics Failure) So I found a new car on facebook and...
  2. Puntopimp

    Hybrid Conversion Kits

    Anyone ever looked into these? I may be the first on the website but I'm saving up to convert my dirty diesel into a Diesel/Hydrogen Hybrid only costs 400 quid and significantly improved the MPG been told by the bloke who does it to expect a minimum of a 25% increase in overall MPG maybe...
  3. Puntopimp

    EGR Valve modification

    Evening all! Long time no speak, need some advice been told by someone I know well that it could be beneficial to the engine of the Vectra if I disable the EGR Valve on the car. Has anyone done this or heard of this and could it benefit or bugger the engine???
  4. Puntopimp

    Inspection / diagnostic report needed

    Hi guys So this Vectra I bought back in may, basically I've been had by the dealership and because it is on finance for me to get my money back they would like to see an inspection report of the issues. How much do they normally cost?? To sum up my issues since may here is a list of them...
  5. Puntopimp

    Brake Caliper Issues

    Hi guys Long time no speak been no end of issues with my Vectra. I have just recently done the break pads and when we released the piston holding the pads together me & my brother noticed that half of the brake caliper was missing. It isn't currently affecting my breaking but it is very...
  6. Puntopimp

    Car died!

    Hi gang been away for a while in work constantly and also in the garage a lot dealing with my 3 Series which I must break sad news has died! I had enough of the constant work needed doing (Gearbox went, ABS needed sorting, Wishbone on the front end, Both bushes were replaced) among other works...
  7. Puntopimp

    Brainwave for the 316

    Tron Style Interior Hey guys I have had a genius idea influenced by West Coast Customs. Basically I am a huge Sci-fi geek I love all things Star Trek, Tron and Doctor Who. Basically the jist of the idea is to take a custom interior they did for an audi R8 what was Tron themed and make an...
  8. Puntopimp

    vehicle tracking

    Hi guys query I'll be sorting new tyres in Jan because the tracking is out slightly. Could you recommend a garage what could sort this for me? Also how costly would it be?
  9. Puntopimp

    7diner today

    Got to say was a pleasure today meeting you ywo. Disappointed no one else turned out tbh. We should do one in spring maybe get a few more faces out? Btw would love to see the pic of the car. And was really impressed with 'The Beast' she is a fine specimen of how to mod a car
  10. Puntopimp

    Lydden Race Course Upgraded

    Lydden Race Course To Be Upgraded looks like my Local race circuit is to be expanded and it is to host the world rally cross championships in the next few years! Always fancied a...
  11. Puntopimp

    The 316 Project

    Hey guys Finally! the MOT Passed today! New springs on the rear and fitted a Sportex Jap Exhaust system (pics to come) So there is a few bits I need to sort on it. The Rear View mirror will not stay attached!! :mad: annoyingly! There is a bit of tired looking paint and a poor job done on...
  12. Puntopimp

    bmw update!

    Hey lads possibly now the start of my bmw driving life. Got insured for an eye watering amount. Took in for n Mot and it failed on 2 things. Offside rear coil spring broken And Rear box exhaust has major leak of exhaust gases. :( Ordered the new spring n my brother has a...
  13. Puntopimp

    Winter Tyres

    Do these actually help? looking at getting these for the bimmer But for a RWD car known for being terrible on ice and snow how much of a difference will they make? Is it a false economy on these?
  14. Puntopimp

    Things gone quiet?

    Hey guys Since my return to the forum I have noticed an alarming dip in activity on here guys. What's happened I miss the numerous threads being constantly updated!! :cry:
  15. Puntopimp

    My BMW 316i e36

    Finally got some pics up of the bad boy I really cannot fault this for 271.00 Runs sound everything there was a issue which I resolves where the Water in the Expansion tank bubbled but it was just ultra low on the levels and has resolved it self now
  16. Puntopimp

    Door Lock on Car

    Hi guys one of the small number of things to sort on the car is I have a problem with 2 locks on the Car the driver side and boot you stick the key in and it will not budge for love or money. The passenger side works perfectly! Will I need to replace the whole Cylinder or play with the...
  17. Puntopimp

    picking up car tomorrow

    Evening old beans Picking up the 316i tomorrow wanted to check what should I look for when examining the bimmer? For warning signs
  18. Puntopimp

    New car confirmed

    Hi guys just bought a bargain a bmw 316i for £271.00 A few minor things but for this price cannot complain
  19. Puntopimp

    Citroen Saxo VTR

    Selling this for my Brother in Law! Is also on but offering it cheaper on here Make: Citroen Model: Saxo VTR Engine size: 1590 CC (1.6) Year: 2000 Description: Here we have a great condition looked after Citroen Saxo VTR. with 10 months MOT and 4 Months Tax 3 door...
  20. Puntopimp

    New Potential Project Car

    So yeah I accidentally made myself highest bidder on this I highly doubt it will come in but what a bargain if it does will...