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    Been away for a while (4-5 years) but am now back triumphantly and to people going "who's this guy"

    Hi Everyone, I doubt anyone remembers me but i used to show my face regularly. Even went to a meet-up at Santa-Pod. I'm back, but am now hooked on motorbikes. Is this okay here??
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    squeaks and rattles.

    What do you do with noisy interior? I have a squeak that seems to come from the rear seats, the dashboard rattles and so does the passenger door arm rest. Finding the source while driving along isn the easiest so how do you go about making your car nice and quiet
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    How is this legal in todays nanny state?
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    New wheels :D

    Anyone wanna take a guess??
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    Car design

    We have certainly seen a change in car design over the years. Cars have become bigger, similarly shaped and features have changed mostly. Factors like safety, aerodynamics and manufacturing abilities have been a large cause of all this. But what do you think has shaped cars over the years...
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    I think i'm in love!!!
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    Just been looking for coilovers and was looking at these. Enlarge the image and look at the logo, anything
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    I'm thinking about fitting a towball to my car and towing the astra on a trailer to track days. What are the laws on towing and what is recommended. My focus weighs 1405kgs unladen and the Astra is around 1000kgs.
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    Coolant pipes

    Hi guys and gals. I need to extend some coolant pipes on the astra due to fitting a new inlet manifold. Does anyone know where I can buy coolant pipe. I'm unsure of how these with connect onto the current pipes so any help would be great. I'll be updating my project thread shortly with some...
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    Stuck water hose

    I've been stripping down the inlet on the Astra today to fit a much less restrictive one, i've had to drain the coolant and disconnect plenty of water hoses but one that goes onto the lower manifold I just can't get off. I've moved the silly clip thing up the hose so that it's not squeezing on...
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    I'm a warrior!!!

    Just noticed I've become a 'Track warrior' When did that happen!? What am I working up to now? Does it purely go on number of posts, is it coincidence that i notice it the day after my first track day?
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    Got a strange noise.

    I've had a strange grumbling noise coming from my engine. But it is only when the car is cold and just after starting or if there is an ancillary/electrical load. When the engine is warm the engine sounds normal, but if i turn on the lights, heated screens or air conditioning or other electrical...
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    Car sponsors

    As one or two of you may know I'm creating an Astra track day here There is alot that needs doing to the car but I'm having trouble getting cash into the car. My project partner is going by the rule that he wants it to be as cheap as possible so doesn't really want to spend any...
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    Breaking a car

    I'm thinking of breaking my ashtray for parts but I have no idea where to start. I can't make too much mess and have bits lying around for weeks because its being kept at my girlfriends parents house. I don't want to see it scrapped. It'd be too much of a waste and I'm looking forward to getting...
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    Where do I apply for my 'Stupid Club' Membership card?

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    Solar Roads

    This is a really interesting read and it seems as though the US Govt have been taking this invention seriously. Take your time, there a lot to read :)
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    Engine won't start (plus a good little story)

    Okay, so had a servicing disaster today. Decided to take on servicing my focus today. Read the Haynes manual beforehand so I could get an idea of what to do. Got my tools ready and head off to my girlfriends house where they have a covered area with electric where I could do my servicing...
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    Not so top winter tips.

    If you get stuck this winter and don't have a snow shovel, just follow these simple steps. P.S. Snow shovel may work better
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    Differences in remaps from different companies.

    I've been looking at getting my car remapped for a while now. I have a 2.0 tdci engine that produces 134bhp and 236lbft as standard. My main consideration was with celtic tuning, which tell me i can get 186bhp and 321lbft. Then I looked at JFA, they tell me i can get 164bhp and 280lbft...
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    Go crazy

    I now have myself a 2005 Ford Focus 2.0 TDCi Zetec If this were your car and money wasn't an issue, what would you do to it? This is only a bit of fun, go crazy! Put as much or as little detail in as you like :)