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  1. Big Fat Fatty

    Does your mood affect your driving?

    Does your mood affect your everyday driving? What puts you in the mood to get in the car and go for a drive?
  2. Big Fat Fatty

    Another Battle in the War against the Motorist New powers for the police!
  3. Big Fat Fatty

    The RS500 wasn't the only special edition

    I was searching through t'internet earlier and came across these special edition mk2 FRS built to commemorate Fords most famous and important racing victories, would you buy one in these colours? (this is quite an old page, comes from July 2010 so they are probably already sold) What...
  4. Big Fat Fatty

    How do you choose your wheels?

    If you were in the market for a new set of wheels how would you go about choosing them, what criteria would you use to make the final descision?
  5. Big Fat Fatty

    Save the 'Ring!! Apparently the Nurburgring is in danger but not from who you'd think.......
  6. Big Fat Fatty

    do clean cars attract dirt? mine does!

    I spent a few hours yesterday (sunday) cleaning the car inside and out, gave it a wax and polish, hoovered out the interior and i was happy with the job i had done, it looked spanking :bigsmile: driving to work this morning i had to go through some mud a tractor had left on the road, a dust...
  7. Big Fat Fatty

    Brake upgrade for '02 VTEC Sport

    The time has come to change the discs and pads on my Accord, I have been considering some EBC greenstuff pads to go with their vented grooved and drilled discs on the front and solid grooved and drilled at the back because i have heard good things about them would this be a good upgrade for...
  8. Big Fat Fatty

    Foreign Driving Licences in the UK I have just happened across this website and wondered what you guys might think about it, if you can spare the time, have a look at the testamonials and the FaQs, I couldn't believe what i was reading!
  9. Big Fat Fatty

    What changes would you make to the BTCC rule book

    I think it's time for the FIA to change the rules for Touring Cars in general not just the BTCC but European and World Touring Cars as well. Imo they should make it easier for privateer teams to race competitivley with the works teams, of which there are very few left so they also need to make...
  10. Big Fat Fatty

    The New Nissan Leaf and other fully electric cars, are they the future?

    I have seen them advertised on TV and thought i would read up on them a little can they really replace traditional liquid fueled vehicles? what are your thoughts on this?
  11. Big Fat Fatty

    What do you want for Christmas?

    What would be the best christmas present for a petrolhead?
  12. Big Fat Fatty

    Road works happening all at once

    Re: Favourite road resurfaced You can't get anywhere around our town at the moment cause the local council saw fit to do ALL the resurfacing and general roadworks at the same time! It's a complete NIGHTMARE!!! The town will be hosting the sailing events for the Olympics so they have spent...
  13. Big Fat Fatty

    Raining when it isn't?

    Hi Guys I have put this here because i'm not sure whether it is a model specific problem or a general one that affects more than just my car. My accord has developed a "Crackle" somewhere around the windscreen area that sounds just like it's raining outside when i drive over rough or...
  14. Big Fat Fatty

    Fashionably late as always

    Hi Guys, Great to meet you all and thanks for having me, I am a complete noob so be gentle, my wheels at the moment is a 2002 Honda Accord VTEC Sport 1850cc (gotta love those VTEC powerplants) only picked her up recently and i'm in love already having only owned (all be it alot of...