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    What does water injection actually do?

    IMO water injection can be dangerous IF there is a leak in the system or if it became faulty over time and failed to switch off or leak when parked as we all know water can't be compressed and could lead to costly repairs.

    Is global warming a real thing and does it worry you

    I admit to being a skeptic. Take Greta T for instance IMO she has been programmed by her mother who is a believer and not been given the other side of the argument and allowed to form her own opinion based on both sides of the discussion. I see she wants us all to drive electric cars made out...

    Whats the best project car

    Stop encouraging him :rofl:

    Excellent video on bleading radiators

    I call it burping the radiator to remove any trapped pockets of air in the system and this is how it's done. FWIW I used to silicone seal a plastic drink bottle in place of the radiator cap ( I have seen adapters that fit on to the radiator) and run...

    I'm Back'ish

    Stiggy it was an 85 Mitsubishi Starion that had a forged 2.3 4G63 twin cam stroker with a Garrett TS 3076 an RX7 box and every other mod you can think of. My tag referred to my old car that was sold to buy the Honda TC =TWIN CAM JB = MODEL OLDIE because I am You can find the full mods list...

    What fuel do you prefer to use

    Sadly where I live there is only 1 refinery so don't know if there is any difference between brands and can't get answers when I ask.

    Whats the best project car

    Lunchy did you have anyone special from TC in mind with your 1st comment .V( :rofl:

    I'm Back'ish

    Just a friendly reminder oil pressure comes from resistance to flow so a high pressure is not necessarily a good thing. My old car that had 380 hp at the tyres idled on 10-12 psi when hot and it was tracked at various events for 20 years and is still going strong in the hands of the new owner...

    Can you get fast road cams for VTEC engines

    My understanding is that when the VTEC activates the cam rockers work/ change over onto the "fast road cam" lobes. I am new to Honda so happy if incorrect for someone more into Honda engines can explain things better.

    My last new car

    The Colorado 4x4 has 500 nm torque and it tows like a boss.

    New project car

    Hi and welcome from a fellow Aussie |B IIRC there was one of them raced @ Bathurst way back and can't recall the driver.

    16 valve vs 8 big valves which is the better engine?

    For starters big valves need heavier springs and that puts more load on the valve train and cam lobes.

    Give up sex or driving

    Well now we all know why it is taking Steve so long to get the "worlds fastest Elan " up and running seeing he has admitted to to not being single minded and has 2 pastimes :lol:

    Dieing driving techniques

    With the ever increasing numbers of vehicles being sold with automatic transmissions. CVT (yuk) flappy paddles , reverse parking assist .lane departure warning ABS, traction control,stability control,radar cruise control and braking ,hill start assist etc making vehicles easier to operate...

    Room 101 - "Ugly As A Bucket Of Frogs"

    Sorry mate I should have added a warning but being the kind sharing chap that I am wanting to help increase your knowledge of motoring history and on second thought maybe it should have been left unseen :rofl:

    Opel Astra J GTC 1.6T 2012 - Total Build

    Sorry for the late reply :) IMO Waynne is on the money with his answers |B 1 Down pipe is too small And are the bends mandrel bent? Fit the largest diameter downpipe possible for the best turbo response and power output as they DO NOT like any back pressure. 2 Need it remapped on a dyno by...

    Give up sex or driving

    Some very interesting answers or choices but I can drive for much longer and decide when to go faster or slower ;) :rofl:

    Excellent info re open deck blocks

    Additional info /pics explaining things a bit more for the non mechanically minded members. :)

    Excellent info re open deck blocks

    There have been some problems with a certain makers 2.3 turbo motors with the cylinder sleeves moving and causing blown or leaking head gaskets due to the open deck design that allows the top of the liners to move and compromise the head gasket seal. Darton have a remedy for all/most /some...

    What's your lowest MPG reading

    Don't have time to look or care about MPG when having a red hot go on track days when it will be a contender for the lowest number. and I am all :)es. PS I love seeing all the electric cars as that means that there will be more petrol left for lovers of internal combustion engines for much...