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  1. wizzer

    Back... Again

    Hi mate, good to see you're back again. Great car project, please do start a project thread.
  2. wizzer

    Have you done any styling mods

    So are all your mods for performance or have you done some styling mods to your car? Which styling mods have you done or are planning to do?
  3. wizzer

    Why can't you get performance cams for diesels?

    Why can't you get high performance fast road or race camshafts for diesels? Do they work on diesel engines or is there no demand for them?
  4. wizzer

    Caption competition

    That's the last time I follow the sat nav!
  5. wizzer

    What car body style is your preference

    I tend to go with 4 door saloon cars. Gtr is on my to buy list soon.
  6. wizzer

    I'm Back'ish

    Welcome back buddy. I myself have been absent for a while and have missed the banter on here!
  7. wizzer

    Are performance and branded tyres worth the extra costs

    Good tires last longer. If you avoid the really cheap and really expensive you can't go wrong.
  8. wizzer

    Another car .........

    A stunning example considering its age. A car like that would be priceless. Even early Skylines are shooting up in value and nowhere near as rare.
  9. wizzer

    Funny pic that made me smile

    Growing up is for people who have given up on living!
  10. wizzer

    Funny pic that made me smile

    We all are.
  11. wizzer

    Hi, New guy from down under

    Nice to meet you and thanks for the pics do you have a project thread on here?
  12. wizzer

    Tailgating rant

    I've not heard of that rule or rhyme. I usually judge it by eye and I do keep back from the car in front. I know what you,mean though most drivers are moronic.
  13. wizzer

    At Last!. I have started on my car ;-) PART 2

    Nice I was wondering how this project is going.
  14. wizzer

    Aggressive drivers, the car or the person

    I do drive more aggressively when in a sporty powerful car. I might accelerate harder or rev higher but im still friendly to other motorists.
  15. wizzer

    Another car .........

    The front looks a bit BMW like but the rear looks early Datsun to me I'd say around the 70's
  16. wizzer

    Best colour for a car

    Grey - they don't show the dirt and look quite classy.
  17. wizzer

    The largest car you've driven

    Had a go in a Hummer H3. It felt like a lorry and was a powerful beast, but I wouldn't say I enjoyed it. I was just helping out a mate at a car show and he needed drivers so I thought I'd give it a go. Wish I'd chosen the Skyline though, I think I would have had a lot more fun in that.
  18. wizzer

    We have a shiny new forum

    Love the new look and feel. Not been around here for a while but will try to stick around, I always enjoyed the friendly banter on here. Well done keeping it all going Waynne!
  19. wizzer

    Why did you mod your car?

    I want performance and reliability. No car maker ever puts on the best stuff, just what is most economically viable to get the job done.
  20. wizzer

    Favourite Hot Hatch?

    The new Focus RS is a beast of a car. I also quite like the RS3 and the AMG A class, but the Focus is my current fave.