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  1. adam1983

    What is the most outrageous driving you have witnessed?

    It's happened to us all I'm sure where it leaves you stunned by what the thought process must have been for the driver to do whatever they did. I have one which happened yesterday in a car park but will need to draw a diagram to give it justice :) Let's hear all of your crazy stories. Only...
  2. adam1983

    My new Supra

    Bought a new Supra a few days ago so thought I would share the details with you guys. Below is just a copy and paste from the original spec list for the car from the ad. Very high spec and looks really nice. Will get some pictures up once I have got a few to put up. I will also put the dyno...
  3. adam1983

    Anyone near West Sussex on here to help?

    Bit of a long shot but thought I would ask away. Wondering if anyone from here lives in or near West Sussex and would be able to help me check over a car I'm looking at getting this Sunday? Need someone who knows their stuff mechanically. There will be a cash reward for the help :)
  4. adam1983

    Which family car should I get?

    After some advice and opinions. Basically I have narrowed the search down to 2 potential cars which meet the criteria. Needs to be diesel with good mpg. 5 doors Decent interior Cheap to maintain Not likely to have any issues Anyway the 2 cars I have in mind are: Ford focus 2 litre...
  5. adam1983

    Are there really people like this let loose on our roads? WTH!
  6. adam1983

    What would you do?

    Hi guys, stuck at a junction here and need some advice. Insurance, tax and mot is due to end the end of this month and decided I'm going to sorn my car and save like mad for a couple of years. Now this is where my problem is: Do I save and keep the car off road then use the money to rebuild...
  7. adam1983

    Jeff Gordon Pepsi Max prank

    Thought I would share with you guys. Made me laugh loads :)
  8. adam1983

    Top Gear

    Anybody watch the new series last night? I thought it was mainly really good. Loved the pagani and wouldn't mind having a go in one. Not sure what to make of the wing mirrors on it though. The Bentley on the rally course was brilliant too. I bet a passenger ride would have been scary as...
  9. adam1983

    Anyone used Dynolicious?

    Just wondering if anyone on here had used an app for iPhone called dynolicious. I have just downloaded it and was going to see how good it is at santapod. Mounting the phone is a bit of a pain so any tips would be appreciated. Anyone used it and got accurate results?
  10. adam1983

    My Supra on Dyno

    Not sure if this is the right place to put it but here goes. Not long had the new turbo kit put in (GT35r dbb) and here is a video of the runs: It made 524hp at 1.3bar. Going back in a few weeks to get it mapped again with the new MAP sensor...
  11. adam1983

    Supra owner new to forum

    Hello all, Thought I would introduce myself to this forum. I am not new to forums but signed up to this one as my friend at work is also a member on here (bigbadjoe). I will get a few pictures up of my car when I have reached my 10 post count but for the time being here is a quick run down...