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    Rev up your engine?

    Hey guys! So I was thinking....Does free reving, of gooseing the gas or whatever you call it. Is it bad for a car? I mean stuff like high rpm before warm up is stupid and redlining the car in neutral is even dumber! But is reving a engine that has been warmed up and is in good condition ok...
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    What is the slowest car you have driven?

    Hey Guys! So you hear all the time about the fast cars. So what is the slowest/least powerful/weakest car you have ever driven? Does it make you crazy? For me I really don't mind slow cars, but I really enjoy fast cars!:love: what about you guys?
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    Need some help!

    Hi guys! So today I was changing the coolant in my 1988 Plymouth sundance (please keep jealous comments down haha) Anyways I unscrewed the drain plug and removed it to get better flow, after running some water through the radiator I tried to thread in the drain plug and :embarrest: it would not...
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    Car recommendation ?

    Hi guys! Just found this forum and it looks like a really great place! Right now I am driving three different cars, none of which I am wanting to "make fast" LOL BUT...I am looking for a car to tune and just have fun with, so I am thinking that with my budget, a Porsche 944 is looking pretty...