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    Been away for a while (4-5 years) but am now back triumphantly and to people going "who's this guy"

    Hi Oz, good to see you're still around! I'm sure there's plenty of familiar faces/names I will come across.
  2. J

    Been away for a while (4-5 years) but am now back triumphantly and to people going "who's this guy"

    Hi Everyone, I doubt anyone remembers me but i used to show my face regularly. Even went to a meet-up at Santa-Pod. I'm back, but am now hooked on motorbikes. Is this okay here??
  3. J

    f1 is going hybrid will you

    They have been hybrids for a few years now, they've had KERS since 2009.
  4. J

    Is diesel the fuel of the future

    Why are the long term running cost worrying?
  5. J

    Glossary of tuning terms

    Affordable - A lot more than I expected.
  6. J

    First time you drove a car

    First time i ever drove was my parent's peugeot 406 estate on a very long driveway. I must've only been 12 or 13. It was a really steep driveway and my first driving experience was a hill start. NAILED IT!
  7. J

    Do you service regularly

    I change mine every 9 months or so. I spoke to my dad on wedesday who as a 1.2 clio as his commuter car (3mile round trip) and i asked him if he has ever serviced his car, he said "i think i did it once" oh dear dad! He's had the car for 7 years.
  8. J

    Flash to crash insurance scam

    I'm very wary of people flashing to let me out, they could be flashing at someone coming the other way or just trying to find their washer wipe. I am kind enough to let people out but try to anticipate how they'll read it and whether on not there is any other traffic that they might get in the...
  9. J

    Cyclists love em or hate em

    I'd better lock up my bike and keep my mouth shut :P
  10. J

    20v crank or 16v crank

    You will have to get the correct one for your Engine. Your car has 16 valves so get the relevant crank. One is not better than the other, they are just designed for different engines.
  11. J

    Choosing a remap based on peak BHP

    I would much prefer to see torque&power graphs before i get a remap. Peak power is right at the top of the revs, and how often do you use that in day to day driving? I'd prefer more torque between 1500-2500 rpm
  12. J

    girl needs help quick!! :)

    Bought a stolen car.
  13. J

    Turbocharging an Audi v8 engine

    The maths is simple paul Car + turbo = zoooooooom!
  14. J

    What is lift off oversteer

    Its not something that happens to experienced racers, just the idiots that enter a corner too fast.
  15. J

    What is lift off oversteer

    I completely agree with your physics, and I agree that people may be confused between oversteer and less understeer, however, liftoff oversteer does exist, which is what I think you got to in the last paragraph? We seem to be on the same page :)
  16. J

    What is lift off oversteer

    I don't think that's right OG, with all respect. Under acceleration the weight of the car is shifted to the rear, as you know, giving the rear tyres more grip. When you lift of the weight ships to the front so the rear tyres have less grip, if they were close enough to the limit of grip...
  17. J

    Advice to a new driver

    Travel at speed and begin a turn then apply the handbrake as hard as needed to lock the rear wheels, the back end will then swing round and you'll have completed a handbrake turn. Congratulation on passing your test.
  18. J

    Whats wrong with drivers today!

    But JC was, that is the point TN was making I think. I'm not saying that I don't occasional drift above the speed limit but you have to accept the fact that people most people do stick to the speed limits and you can't moan when they do. They aren't the ones breaking the law. Maybe it's better...
  19. J

    Whats wrong with drivers today!

    I agree. If you're speeding it's your own fault.
  20. J

    How many driving test attempts did you make

    Maybe he means for both theory and practical?