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    Being stopped by the police.

    yeye, exactly mate, defo learnt my lesson this time
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    Standard Mods?

    Them stupid pop out punto lights, they luk so ****, u know wich ones im on bout?the 1ns wiv the 5 verticle circle pop out lights
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    few questions for anyone who knows what there on about

    Low amount of BHP incease that Brakes are a bit crappy, otherwise a decent car tho, for the power i'd say it was quicker than expected, pretty smooth ride aswel
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    Car Maintenance

    Brake fluid - Dont av a car long enough to bother with changing brake fluid, if i had a car i knew i was going to keep for good probly every 2 years or so Engine coolant - Every year with anti-freeze Engine oil - Dont really bother checking it TBH, just put in what AutoData says and leave it...
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    Cheap and Cheerful Mods

    Max power air intake - £9.99 or sumthin Windscreen wiper spoilers - £2.99 Go faster stripes - £4.99 Bullet dustcaps - £1.99 Max power seat covers - £39.99 Chrome big bore bolt on - £2.99 Body decals - Free with Max Power ^ OK they dont look good, there cheap tho
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    Setting up your mirrors.

    I feel cumfortable when i can see a bit of the car in my wing mirrors, just dusnt feel right wen i can only see wider than my car (dunno Y)
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    I would prefair a big chunky on on sumthing like an EVO, a small lip type on a HOT HATCH and a touring style on somthing like an RX7 ^^Just for styling^^ I dont see the point of a big spoiler if all it does is generate unessasary drag (if i am going for performance)
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    Being stopped by the police.

    Bin stopped quite a few times for Driving without due care and attention (1) Dangerous driving (1) No seatbelt, £30 fine (2) Driving while suspended (2) No insurance (2) No tax (1) No rear window ! (1) When i got pulled for driving while suspended twice, it was within 2 weeks of each other...
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    few questions for anyone who knows what there on about

    sound sound mate, never thought bout the 'bigger engine capacity, less steel', common sense really, cant be that much lighter tho, can it. Also for example; if i have a Puma 1.7 and i bought a performance induction and full exhaust system, chipped it, what kind of power do u reckon there is to...
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    few questions for anyone who knows what there on about

    I hope you could help me out :) Q: When u install a performance induction kit, this is what iv been told, 'if u just replace your standard air box with a K&N, it will suck in warm air from the engine bay and lose performance, you need to have your K&N enclosed from your engine bay and give it...
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    Oreity there people

    Hi all, mi names Chris Hargreaves n im from Blackburn, im into my cars (obviously), im 21 yrs old, i enjoy learning about cars. im into mostly JAPS, i also like EUROPEAN cars n im not that much into American cars :)