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    wot bhp did you have before the unichip?
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    Hello everyone

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    How valuable is your partner to your hobby?

    Yeah like wise T9 man, my mrs hates me doing anything mod wise to my car. ''all i keep hereing is you don't need that.'' im currently in the market 4 a supercharger and im getting so much agro....
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    hi there modders

    Welcome matey!
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    Welcome mate!
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    Induction Kits

    :blink:I will get proof and post it. This wasn't from manufacture's it was from a review I read. This kit is made for Swift. It's called hks racing suction kit. as I said I will post up proof.:D
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    How Long Did It Take You To Pass

    Took about a year and it was 1st time lucky!
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    Newby from Lehigh Valley,PA.

    Welcome mate!
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    Induction Kits

    I've just bought and fitted the hks rs kit for 2008 Swift and it's added 15bhp so I would recommend hks. With yours you should get more. It cost me £300
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    new more mature members lol

    I had a pug 106 in blue and i put the lions on both sides, which were in white
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    new more mature members lol

    Welcome matey!
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    Welcome matey!
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    new more mature members lol

    Welcome mate!
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    hi guys . getting a 106

    Here's a pic of my 106
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    Being stopped by the police.

    Got pulled over 2 times in my Swift. 1. for speeding doing 40 in a 30 but knew i was goin to get pulled so pulled in before they got to me. I admitted I was in the wrong, said sorry and they sent me on my way. 2. It was starting to get dark (enough so you only need sides) so i decided to put...
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    Lancer GSR Evolution 1

    Ace! i had one of those but then i sold it. haha
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    Do you like big wheels

    I've had 18's on my Swift but it didn't do the handling any good so personally I would stick to 17's. but I like golfs with fat rims
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    Worst looking modified car you've seen

    that van is nasty, know wonder it's up for sale
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    k&n induction kit

    Hi mate, In my opinion it's a total waste of money. I have personal experience in k&n. I fitted a k&n induction kit which cost around £90 and it did nout. I would recommend hks hope this helps