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    New head unit installed, car is now playing up, any ideas?

    ive unplugged the radio an it still happens but i think the problem was that i disconnected the battery when i installed it and that has rebooted the engine management system and until it re-programmes itself, im just gonna have to grin an bear it i guess
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    Dark metallic red does for me, simple and sexy, though it obviously depends on the car
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    Themed Cars

    the batmobile lol
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    New head unit installed, car is now playing up, any ideas?

    I just installed a dvd player in my car the other day and ever since the car has been hesitating when accelerating, even when just revving in neutral the car will drop from about 1k rpm to 500ish when it feels like its about to stall (in neutral! lol you can imagine what its like when im...
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    interior paint

    same happened here, flys kept getting stuck in it lol. Fortunatly its only on the primer so it should be alryt, just use a fine grade sandpaper and go over the whole area again which youshould really do in between coats anyway. You dont have to bother with the whole wet/medium/dry thing just the...
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    Themed Cars

    i think a sporting themed car would be quite cool, like a boxing theme. Would probably look crap, but it would be original at least lol which pretty much sums theme cars up imho but im sure there are some out who like them
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    What Do You Keep In Your Car?

    obv a jack an wrench tucked away in the boot, other than that just a map, sunglasses and some deicer
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    interior paint

    i just been spraying wingmirrors which are plastic so im guessin the same theory applies but want to respray interior, anyway i sanded, primed, wet/dry again, then painted. Turned out pretty well
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    Being stopped by the police.

    got stopped once for not slowing down enough from a 60 to a 30 into a village late at night hit it at 40 and the only other car that happened to be about was a cop car lol. Anyway they were alryt actually just sat me in back, asked a few questions about tax, mot etc and sent me on my way
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    The 4 best looking european cars?

    lol oh yeah, took that long deciding what could fill 4th spot complettly forgot about the topic lol plus the noble is made near me so it gets bonus marks lol
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    Whats the naughtiest thing you've seen a police car do.

    ive seen one put his lights and siren on at every traffic light when it was on red just tog et through, then turned them both off afterwards, probably late for his dinner
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    The 4 best looking european cars?

    SLR db9 enzo Cant decide between a ford gt or a noble m14 for the last spot
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    Painting Car Seats

    What about a fabric dye? You can get them to use on t-shirts and sofas so it ould work on a car seat without transferring presumeably?
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    Most hated drivers out of .....

    i hate cyclists purely because there a pain to overtake on a narrow road, and if your in a traffic jam you sometimes have to overtake the same cyclist 4 or 5 times when they could just ride on the path in the first place :@ Anyway, another completely different categoy, people who brake too...
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    1 Hour Motorway or 1.5 hours A road?

    If its a hot day theres nothing better than just cruising down some country roads with the windows down and the music up
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    Number plates gone mad.

    My mate elliot spent a few hundred on P1 ELS purely coz it was similar to his name, wasnt too happy when i pointed out his car now said "piles"
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    Painting Car Seats

    kool cheers unityjon thats more like what i was thinking as the whole car is a faded blue/grey from the old bloke who owned it before so it could do with a respray so i thought i may aswel change it to black as the silver speakers will look better in black doors. Just the paint i have for the...
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    What Was Your First Mod?

    not really a mod but first thing i did was repaint one of the wingmirrors as it was a mess. Took my time with it and it looked pretty good, the next day i then spun the car at a roundabout, lucklily missed a lampost with the car but took the same wingmirror clean off lol, gutted! Anyway a dvd...
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    Painting Car Seats

    cheers ive already shopped around the breakers yards cheapest quote i found for replacing the seats was £170 which is a bit too steep. Didnt think about creating my own, was never very good at textiles lol, wouldnt have a clue where to start but is definatly an option cheers
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    Painting Car Seats

    All the interior car sprays ive found say not suitable for painting car seats and as i cant afford new seats and seat covers look dog i was wondering if theres any way/paint out there to do it?