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  1. Zwaf

    Are you a good passenger

    Semi bad passenger - i don't complaint, but am aware of every mistake and potentionally dangerous scenario. As someone said above, often they don't even drive fast. most of my collegues don't even try to impress me with their driving skils, TBH. ;) Must be honest and say few of them drive really...
  2. Zwaf

    Can you help in identifying this speedo?

    Does it have any letters on back? If so, you may try google those letters. Other then that I can't be of much help here. P.S. First asociation when I read the topic title was: "Why would he boter with swiming wear - Speedo!?" :lol: :lol:
  3. Zwaf

    How many times have you crashed?

    In last 5 years: None. Thanks God! In last 10 years: As above plus some old man landed in my rear end on highway. Was forced to brake because some Mercedes driver decided to stop (!!!) for no obvious reason. Guy infont of me managed to stop, and so was I. But driver behind me got no enough time...
  4. Zwaf

    leon 0-100 in 5".

    If it is Leon mk1 then yes - they had model with 4x4.
  5. Zwaf

    Injector generations?

    Hi Rustyboy! Thank you for takin' your time to write here. Realy apreciate your words! I know about Siemens/Bosch saga and several engine failures because of burned pistons due bad spray patern Siemens injectors develop during their lifetime. About remap, I am surely aware that every change in...
  6. Zwaf

    How will you buy your next car?

    I always know what car, engine, collor and pack I want. So far in my history i never ever once had money to actually buy it. :lol: So i start with compromises and end up with what is in my reach. Read: couple colinders less, couple hundreds of HP less and diesel instead of petrol. :lol: For...
  7. Zwaf

    Oil flushing

    Hi T9! :) We do understand each other! Me to are thinking that regular oil change (and other including stuff) is enough. I do it my way because fuel in my country is of doubtfull quality** and I knew that car will belong to me for a long long time. Dont use mineral oil because my pumpe duese...
  8. Zwaf

    Oil flushing

    Every other oil change i made was with engine flush. I know there is no sludge, but I do it just for preventing. Therefore can not tell if you can clean already sluged engine. As metioned above, i believe it is enough to use decent oil and change it regularly as well as the filters and your...
  9. Zwaf

    Lambo's SUV : The Urus

    Yes Wayne! Think Maserati is about to offer their SUV as well. Who's next? Jag, Ferrarri or (god forbiden) Caterham? :)
  10. Zwaf

    Bringing a used car back to new (nearly)

    This info should be highlighted for all who suffer from cloged engine! However, it could be indicated that chemical cleaning could be good enough (5% gain of highly cloged engine) for maintainance of clean engine so it can't gater clog so easy.
  11. Zwaf

    Bringing a used car back to new (nearly)

    Thank you, Morgan! I was thinkon' of cleaning without dismantling the engine, but I see you don't think that is good choice. I ask because common knowledge. For now got no problems. Since day one my car is getting a full service every 10k km (6,2k miles), every 60k km she got intake manifold and...
  12. Zwaf

    Lambo's SUV : The Urus

    Seems like Mazda CX7 and BMW X6 are geting a company. ;)
  13. Zwaf

    Bringing a used car back to new (nearly)

    Since you mentioned it, can you (or anybody else, of course) tell your opinion about those cleaning chemicals for engine internals? For egsample valve cleaners, injector cleaners. Or those machines which suposed to clean all fuel paths including pistons?
  14. Zwaf

    Form Over Function

    Function over form for me. No exceptions! I see what you talking about here as well. Think some people does not give a dam for driving. They just want to look good. As far as those guys know they make compromise regarding grip and handling I got no objections. Everyone got his own cup of tea...
  15. Zwaf

    Car Tuning Sites

    Who? :blink: :?: :lol::lol::lol:
  16. Zwaf

    Car Tuning Sites

    You must be thinkin' of that german guy who hides things from me all the time....Azl...Ahzla....Alzheimer. Got it - Alzheimer! :) If you are searching for specific car tuning you can always find some "owners club" site.
  17. Zwaf

    Cheap coily's

    Sad to see your Lude upside down. :( (Altough, she got healthy exsaust... :) ...just a joke to cheer you up a little, mate!) Don't worry about pride! Everybody who drives sharp is prone to land somewhere on the side of the road. If you are unhurt everything else can be fixed. Did you get those...
  18. Zwaf

    Car Tuning Sites

    Try! ;)
  19. Zwaf

    T9's Project X

    Yes!!! Invision it is! "Rhytm" and "Next One"! Tryed to find his two topics but no luck before you tell me the name. :) If Invision can build a car out of scratch i think he could be able to help here if he's interested and got some spare time.
  20. Zwaf

    T9's Project X

    At first it seems odd to me, but after Stamford's post it began to click in. If you can do it without longening the chassis then better, even if that mean to custom make some drivetrain parts to fit. I'm not an guy who can help here, but I cross my fingers for you to success. Maybe you can get...