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    Toyota corolla AE92 GTi with 4age

    tax and tested ones go for just over £1000 these days but mine is on sorn and without tax or mot so i'm looking for about £400 it will need to be towed. It needs a really really good polish or a coat of paint to make it look good again, its got a few rare modification parts from South Africa...
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    Toyota corolla AE92 GTi with 4age

    sorry i've been away for a while. Car is still here, it has a new tailgate on it now from 'GL' model as these tailgates dont rot. :bigsmile:
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    Cold Air Intakes

    An 'induction kit' is just that, its a bundle of bits that control the induction to your throttle, basically a pipe and filter. A cold air induction kit or CAI is like that above but with a longer pipe to put the filter into a colsd air space rather than in the engine bay, some claim to be CAI...
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    if its just the sound you want?, drill the lower part of the airbox out with 10mm holes in a neat pattern and while you're at it fire a cold air intake tube from the front grill to the holes in the box. It will do nothing for power but will give you that satisfying 'roar' as the revs...
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    This isnt quite true :embarrest: bigger circumference alters the drive ratio, bigger wheels makes little difference (only weight) if they're fitted with smaller tyres, any good wheel tyre specialist should try their best to keep the overall circumference as close to original as possible when...
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    An Old Newbie Newbie?

    Hi, excuse my ignorance but is the 'fat lad' the same as the bushwaker ? those ridiculously cool looking super wide arch flares etc ?
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    Your Fantasy joyride

    i'd like to take a tuned sr20DET powered Sand rail for a blast across the Sahara !
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    Ultrasonics and robots

    if that happens and you 'd like a little fun rip small sections of electrical tape off and place them over each sensor (if they're the type you can see). The next time he starts his car they'll just continue to make a high pitched squeal until he removes the tape !
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    i think i ask too many q's but here's another :D

    the dial clusters have a multi-plug on the back, you can probably drop another cluster in no problem and just plug'n'play as the loom is probably standard for all models, just with some things disconnected, the revcounter will no doubt take a feed from either the coil or the ECU ? If its from...
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    anyone know anything about a B18d ?

    nope it just, and just clears all common road obstacles, the front lip will scrape on a curb if its a little higher than standard but i tend not to pull the front right over the curbs anyway. unless your speeding, then it bottoms out LOL
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    anyone know anything about a B18d ?

    3.5 inches
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    anyone know anything about a B18d ?

    no rubbing or grinding, its a little bouncy though on the new coils would prefer something harder, may chop the originals down. the Engine code is a F18b2 (B standing for boat anchor i assume ?)
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    Toyota corolla AE92 GTi with 4age

    its on sorn, no tax. it really is knackered (body work) . will PM my number.
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    another newby says hello

    will have to dig some out... current ride is a 1980 Buick Regal (lowrider) for fun and honda accord S for humdrum.
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    Toyota corolla AE92 GTi with 4age

    £300 ? for the engine/box - exhaust - interior - wheels and tyres. you can have the rotten metal that surrounds it all for free. It really is knackered.
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    anyone know anything about a B18d ?

    guess what..... i forgot to check LOL. fitted the new rims and lowered the front on those dodgy coil over conversions though, will look at the engine code tomorrow. before lowering. after.
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    500 rpm?

    if its chugging on pull away its probably choking, take youe air filter out and drive it up the road and back (as long as its not an unmade road) and see if the problem persists, if it doesnt just clean or replace your airfilter.
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    Are long drives fun

    Drives of any amount of time are always fun in the Regal :D
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    get real, drilling out the airbox only allows warm air in and the main reason for doing it is to let the induction roar out. :mad: For a 20v you 're best bang for buck mod is new cams with vernier gears and have it set up on a rolling road by a professional.
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    another newby says hello

    dont normally post in other peoples introduction threads as i'm ony new here myself, but seeing as you have a bug i couldnt resist, i grew up on VW's and built a Baja a pro-street style mish mash (baja rear and cal-look front - pig ugly but quick) and my last was on Juice after i'd campaigned it...