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    Ford F250 Grinding sound when starting

    Thanks for the replys Herb, Wizzer. It was the starter just never heard/felt anything like that before from a starter in any of my vehicles.
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    Ford F250 Grinding sound when starting

    Hey guys, I know it has been a bit since the last time I was on but have a question that I need an answer to pronto. My daily is down for a major repair and was using my backup until earlier today. Went to start it and starter/solenoid stayed engaged even after returning the key to "ON"...
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    Suburban Unleaded to Diesel Swap

    Hey everyone, I'm back again. Sorry for the long break. Been going through a divorce and setting a lawsuit from my ex-inlaws, yippee right. Not sure if this is where this should go but since it concerns a Chevy figured this was the best stop. Feel free to move it as needed. OK, so i have a 97...
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    Car sales websites

    we have Craigslist here in the states, great place to search as it is free to post but have to be careful and know what you are looking at. Second for me is Autotrader then Cardomain. Quite a few people put up full sets of pics on the mods they do so you can see if they did it right or not.
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    Miles on a tank

    I get between 300 and 350 US miles but that is with a 30Gal tank. Usually only fill up if going on a trip other than that put in just enough to get the work done for the week.
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    Time alone in a car

    He will have 100% solitude alright. Solitary confinement on the couch. LOL
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    95 G30 5.7L Stalls after 30 to 45 mins

    Hey all. I have a 1995 G30 van that has been used as a utility vehicle for the better part of its life. I just recently did a partial tune-up do to this issue and was hoping you all could potentially point me to one of a group of parts that I think might be causing the issue. Issue: After 30 to...
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    Radio Swap Help Needed

    No problem. I do a ton of radios and always seems like they find new ways to make it hard to install an aftermarket stereo. Just be glad you don't have a Mazda3 as you would have lost a ton of your gauges/info unless you buy an aftermarket adapter for them.
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    Radio Swap Help Needed

    Pop off plastic dash piece using a flat head screw driver. (Look on bottom for slots and carefully pry off. You should be able to just set this piece on the dash and leave all wires connected) Once done, you should see 4 screws holding factory stereo in. Remove. Carefully remove factory stereo...
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    Ever had anything growing in your car?

    used to have a chia-pet attached to the center console in my datsun.
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    Vinyl stickers on a classic Jaguar Sovereign

    First Off, we need to get that guy to a shrink fast and second, somebody please just crush that car and put it out of its misery.
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    Badge and dirt...

    Agree with above. We have stuff here called goo-gone/gunkoff that works well but not sure if you can get it in the UK. You will need quite a bit of elbow grease in the wash to make sure that you get everything off prior to waxing. Also double/triple inspect as getting dirt off once you wax is a...
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    Answered this in ICE forum. Please try not to spam the forums. Reply to the original or only post in one spot. The mods here are pretty good at making sure they get put in the correct forum if you are unsure. Most of us just log on and click "New Posts" anyhow so we will see it.
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    Most factory stereo units come with just enough hookups for the speakers/outputs that are installed at the factory. If you already have subs/amps then you will be fine, otherwise you will be needing a new one but you can get a decent entry level system for pretty cheap nowadays.
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    I would suggest putting matting down and ensuring it was completely sealed and then it might sound decent. Bass tubes would be a better way to go if you are thinking space (as your other post suggests) Put one on either side and you can put all your shopping/gear in between. Just make sure they...
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    built non turbo 95 eclipse with 150 shot of nos

    Remapping is done with either a piggyback system (hooks up and intercepts and sends modified sensor readings to ECU to get tuning you want) or and aftermarket ECU that is programmed specific for your car. (Normally done by professional tuners with the car on the Dyno) Some piggyback systems...
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    Restoring older cars lost power

    Aside from a full rebuild/overhaul, there isn't much we can do. Sure proper maintenance will make the losses less severe but cars/parts now are designed to break after certain periods no matter how well they are cared for.
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    Push button start

    Just pull them all out and hook it up to the two that spark and start the car when touched together lol. But seriously, need a wiring diagram or pull apart your column and trace the wires from the ignition.
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    Looking to Tune my Nissan 300zx

    cold air would be best as I highly doubt you will be traveling at high enough speeds most of the time to make the ram one useful. If you don't often have rain/water issues then you can mount a cold air intake in the lower portion of the bumper pretty easy. If you do then I would suggest a box...
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    Looking to Tune my Nissan 300zx

    On the 300zx the system could be switched off on most of the years. But without it you have one less thing to worry about fudging up (and i do mean fudging) when doing your brakes/suspension.