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    99 Toyota Corolla CE codes P0440,P0441, and P0446

    Hello,everyone I have a 99 Toyota Corolla CE with CEL codes P0440,P0441,and P0446.There are no drive ability issues.Starts up fine and runs fine considering a few other things I have going on that don't stem from these codes at least I think.(rattling when I accellerate and a whirling sound...
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    Help with fault codes

    Does anyone have any experience with check engine codes p0440,p0441, and p0446 and what they mean and any do it yourself fixes i like working on my car.....any response will be great.
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    Newbie loving his 99 corolla

    Hello i m from Bridgeport ct and I have a 99 Toyota corolla and boy do I have plans for this car I just don't know where to start......I'm dropping the radiator this week or next